Holistic Holiday

The act of going for a vacation in order to improve one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is an old conception. Today, the words 'wellness' and 'vacation' are spoken in the same breath with unmatched frequency. Over the past decade, this kind of vacation has become unbelievably diverse and democratized.

Are you thinking about breathing in new life, seeking out new skills and having fun in beautiful locations that are all about revitalizing and inspiring? 

Revitalize your well-being with our worldwide collection of spiritual and holistic health retreats.

Let us put your journey on the right track with our professional medical, fitness and psychological consultations, where wellness experts will shape your stay to restore balance and revive your energy. We center your healthy vacation on healing your mind, body and soul with our various specialist Ayurvedic spa treatments, holistic therapies like Reiki, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. These go together with a variety of health and fitness classes such as yoga to nurse your body back to health and mediation to sooth your spirit.

Some questions you need to ask before choosing a wellness vacation

What additional programs or activities are available?

Holistic treatments, horse riding, paddle boarding, surf lessons, cycling, trekking, canopy trails, snorkeling, fishing, quad or motorbike hire, nature trails and wildlife watching. 

Our professional yogis will teach you how to de-stress and keep balance so that you can practice back at home. Spend evenings at the resort's pool and unwind with exercise and herbal tea. The programs are designed to meet your desires and you can decide how little or how much you want to do. Return home re-energized, completely stress free and fully energized.

Is the cost of the vacation inclusive? Any extra fees? – yoga daily is included, yes, and breakfast and meals too. There are extra costs such as holistic treatments, horse riding, surf lessons and other extra activities to choose from if desired .

Are the staff qualified, either by education, training or experience to provide the services being offered? Our staff are very professional and they are on ground to offer you good quality service. They are experienced, well trained and well exposed. They are well versed and up to date in their respective areas.

Are the programs being offered a good match for my health and activity levels? Connect your mind, body and soul as you learn how to balance your life with the Holistic Healing program, and fully embrace the peace at the luxurious wellness retreat, holistic therapies, world –class nutritious food, massages, yoga, hiking and backpacking trips and many more.


You can get the latest health and wellbeing information from Sunflower Retreats. We provide advice on all travel arrangements and pre-holiday preparation. Get the latest expert information about our wellness glossary, our advice area offers the most complete resource for your inside knowledge.