Costa Rica

This paradise in Central America...white, sandy beaches, lush tropical settings and spectacular rain forests... is a destination Sunflower Retreats has been heading to for more than two decades.  Our yoga retreats offer the best of Costa Rica, the chance to work your “yogi magic” in a sun-drenched place that nourishes the soul and restores your body. Sound good? Let us tell you more. 

Our retreats are designed for everyone, from novice to expert yoga practitioners. Our experienced, friendly instructors guide you through poses that stretch, lengthen and strengthen your body. Or if you would like to come but skip the yoga in favour of long bikes ride, tours in the rain forest, or hikes up mountains, that's just fine with us. Your trip is curated to meet your dreams and desires, even if those dreams mean hanging out on the beach and indulging in a glass of wine – or two! And we offer many social activities that let you meet and get to know your fellow, like-minded travellers, and you can choose – or not – to participate in all of them. 

Costa Rica is a nature lover's Eden, with warm breezes and tropical vistas that are second to none. You are free to wander and get to know the area, or hop on a bike and visit the nearest village, or relax on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Our only goal is helping you have a wonderful time...however you define that. 

Our instructors are experienced and friendly, and they will help you master whatever difficult pose you've been attempting at home but couldn't quite get the hang of. They'll tell you all about yoga's history, too; how good it is for the body, mind and soul. They will even teach you a pose or two to help you relax and get a great night's sleep. And they'll regale you with tales of past retreats, of friendships formed and bonds cemented.  Sunflower Retreats in Costa Rica are unlike any other yoga retreat in the world, because of our experienced instructors, the beautiful locale, our menus, and our accommodations. Ah yes, the menus...we help sustain local economies by purchasing only fresh, organic foods from nearby farms and other producers. Your meals are designed to give you energy and reinvigorate your muscles, and your room is private with its own en-suite bath. At the end of a long day, it's heaven!

When your day ends – however that day has unfolded – have one of our many therapeutic, holistic treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Do you need to relax? We have something for that, perhaps an Indian head massage.  Are your muscles sore from a workout from the advanced class you decided to try? There's  deep tissue massage for that, too. And if you get a little burned from all those hours on the beach, we've got just the Aloe Vera treatment to set things right.

Sunflower Retreats has been bringing together yoga enthusiasts and gorgeous settings in Costa Rica for well over two decades now. We offer an experience you'll never forget, moments that last forever, and friendships for a lifetime.

For more information, please contact us at: We are happy to answer any questions you may have about availability, class schedules, menus, and more.

Holistic Holidays in THE Nicoya Peninsula

Holidays are one thing no human should do without. Every single person on the planet needs to take a little bit of time to just rest and recover.  

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do, or how much you earn. If you spend most of your time doing anything at all, be it working, or attending classes, or doing anything at all, you need to always take a break once in a while to restore your lost energy. This is exactly what holidays provide. 

Just spending the holiday away from work or school isn’t good enough, however. Remember, the goal is to get restored, not just to rest. And here’s a fact: nothing does a better job of restoring you than a holistic holiday in exotic locations like the Nicoya Peninsula. 

About The Nicoya Peninsula

One of the most beautiful places on planet earth, the Nicoya Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the absolutely magical Republic of Costa Rica. 

Known mostly for its various wonderful beaches, the Nicoya Peninsula has a lot of wonders in store for tourists. Some of these wonders include: 

●     Cabo Blanco absolute nature reserve

●     Isla Tortuga

●     Samara beach

●     Barra Honda national park

●     Playa Carrillo

●     Curu wildlife refuge

●     Montezuma waterfall

●     Playa Barrigona

●     Playa Junquilla

●     Playa Ventanas

Why You Should Choose Nicoya Peninsula

So why exactly should you choose Nicoya Peninsula? What is so special about this place that makes us so sure that it would be the perfect location for you? These questions and others like it are likely running through your mind right now. The answer to these questions? Well… keep reading and decide for yourself.

3 Things that the Nicoya Peninsula Has To Offer You

The Beaches

If there is one thing most popular holiday destinations have in common, it is beautiful beaches. This is because beaches are one of the most relaxing places. Simply listening to the waves crashing on the shore is enough to calm your mind. 

When it comes to beaches, Nicoya Peninsula has some of the most beautiful ones you’ll ever find. From the magnificent Samara Beach to the beaches of Montezuma and the many other beach towns around, there is a lot of fun to be had in Nicoya Peninsula for swimmers and surfers.

The Scenery

There is no way to talk about Nicoya Peninsula without mentioning this fact: the scenery is just beautiful! There is no denying this fact. From the gorgeous rainforest of Montezuma to its several mountains and waterfalls, the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, and the many other mind-blowing sceneries around Nicoya Peninsula, this place definitely becomes a must see.

The Seclusion

What’s the point of going on a holiday without getting to actually relax? This is one other thing Nicoya Peninsula is sure to offer you. A chance to actually relax. Nicoya Peninsula offers you a secluded environment to really relax and get revived. The peace and tranquility you are sure to enjoy in Nicoya Peninsula is one you can only enjoy in a select few places. 

Sunflowerretreat’s Holistic Holiday Nicoya Peninsula

Want to experience a holistic holiday at Nicoya Peninsula like no other? You’re in luck. Sunflowerretreats host the best holistic and yoga holidays and vacations around the world. Want to visit Nicoya Peninsula or any other location around the world? Visit Sunflower Retreats today, and enjoy the time of your life.

Women's Wellness Retreats

We talk a lot about wellness these days, what it means to nurture the body and soul. We talk a lot about getting off our devices, putting down our screens, and getting outdoors.

But when was the last time you thought about really doing it, leaving your routine and diving into a whole new life, just for a little while? When was the last time you devoted yourself to you

It's a common problem; women are busy, overtaxed and often struggling to meet too many deadlines...get the kids to soccer practice, get the holiday party organized, get to the office for an early meeting. But what about you? When was the last time you truly considered your own wellness, instead of someone else's? Admit it, it's been a while, right? 

Being healthy isn't just about starting an exercise routine. If it were, the whole world would be healthy! True wellness is about paying attention to your body, devoting time and attention to what you need, and listening to what your spirit is telling you. Taking the time for a Sunflower Retreat is the perfect antidote to a hurried – and harried – life in the modern world. 

Our retreats in Italy and Costa Rica are designed to help you restore those elements of yourself that sometimes get neglected, like your yoga practice and a healthy diet. Our instructors – enthusiastic and experienced – lead you to new heights (and lengths!) as you stretch your body, mindful of each muscle and every sensation. If you're an experienced yogi, they'll help you master the eagle pose that has eluded you thus far. If you're new to yoga, they will guide you through simple poses until you're ready to try a more complicated one. No matter your level, they will help you achieve whatever goals you've set for your personal yoga practice. If you would like to simply join us but not partake of yoga classes, we can arrange that, too.

No matter what schedule you choose, we provide plenty of organic, fresh fare that gives you energy and fuels you thoroughly – and plenty of it! And if you any any food preferences or allergies, just let us know in advance and we will be glad to accommodate you. Speaking of accommodation, our rooms are private with en-suite baths, so you see new friends when you want to, but can close your door if you want to read, or meditate or snooze! - alone. At meal time, we gather to toast one another, share stories about our lives and yoga – they're the same thing, right? - and laugh at whatever adventure the day has brought us.

And we offer more than yoga... there's bike-riding, horseback riding, walking in the mountains, and other free activities for you to enjoy. And when your day is over, when you long to feel your skin renewed and your muscles restored, we offer an array of therapies to do just that. Whether you're travelling on your own or with a fellow yoga enthusiast, we can ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

The only decisions you'll have to make are: what class shall I take today? Should I rise at dawn or sleep in a little? Will I go for a walk or work on my poses, ride a bike through the olive groves or laze on the beach? Now those are choices that really help restore wellness!

Will it be Costa Rica or Italy, or perhaps even both this year? Contact us at and we'll be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision.



Yoga Holiday at Santa Teresa

Downward facing dog. Cat stretch. Cobra. Happy baby. Whether you're an experienced yoga practitioner or an enthusiastic beginner, you know the joy, relaxation and health benefits these poses can bring. Now, Sunflower Retreats brings you the opportunity of yoga practice in an entirely new locale, Santa Teresa, Italy. We have had Casperia as our base since 1998, but now we've moved further into Italy, and Santa Teresa is one of the country's best kept secrets!

 Imagine taking instruction in an awe-inspiring, blissful setting that is perfect for yoga practitioners... Vivid sunsets, glorious, blue skies and warm air surround you as you work with our instructors in beautiful Santa Teresa. Our teachers will inspire you, help you and guide you through meditation, without judgment or formality, only encouragement. Yoga is a centuries-old form of exercise that nurtures the body, soul, spirit and mind. As you practice, you will come to know others who are on a similar, shared journey; others who seek wellness and happiness through the practice of yoga and who seek knowledge...knowledge of the mind, the heart, and the world. Friendships that begin on a Sunflower Retreat are friendships that last a lifetime!

But we aren't solely about yoga. We want you to have fun, to socialize and learn about yourself and each other, in the glorious, sun-drenched setting of Santa Teresa. Our visitors' cottages are close to one another, but also allow for privacy and quiet time when that's your preference. We serve healthy, organic meals that suit everyone's tastes, and offer Ayurvedic holistic treatments to cure what may be ailing you. If one day you prefer to go for long, solo walks by the sea, of course that's your choice. If you wish to visit the village one morning, of course, that's fine, too. Nothing is a “must do” at Sunflower Retreats...we want you to have the holistic holiday of a lifetime.

Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in Santa Teresa and other gorgeous spots in Italy. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, about flights, accommodations, cuisine and anything else on your mind. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreat is bound to be one of the best yoga experiences you've ever had. Visit us at www.sunflowerretreats.comfor any  questions you may have. We look forward to talking with you!



Yoga Vacation Hot-Spots: Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

We all know that deciding on the location for a yoga vacation can be just as important as choosing when to go on said vacation. Just as choosing the wrong date for a vacation can ruin the entire time you spent on planning for that vacation, choosing the wrong location can ruin the entire experience for you.

Simply making the wrong choice when deciding on where you would like to spend the duration of your vacation time can lead to a complete disaster. Seriously, if you don’t know what that is like already, we pray you never find out from first-hand experience. Believe it when we say this: It can be a horrible experience.

If you, like us, have had this awful experience before, however, you know just how important it is to make sure you do NOT make this sort of mistake again.

How To Pick The Best Locations For Your Yoga Vacations

To make sure you do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong location for your yoga vacation (again), this is the first thing to do: 

Be active about searching for the right location.

Not playing an active role in searching for the right location for their yoga vacation is the first mistake most people make when trying to choose a location for their vacations. Take our words on this one, we’ve fallen prey to this too!

When you do not take an active role in searching for the right place, most times you end up with just being anywhere. You probably just chose the first place you heard about that seems “nice”, or simply chose somewhere based on what a colleague said at work.

Now, while the probability exists that the location you were told was nice, the probability that you could find much better locations is much higher. So why take your chances with nice when you can get much better? You’d find that if you simply take your time to actively search, you’d find that location that is just perfect.

Looking for the perfect location for your next yoga retreat and would rather not make a mistake this time? Here’s our suggestion: Choose CABO BLANCO NATURE RESERVE.

Why Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve?

Here’s the simple answer: Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve has all the qualities of the perfect location for a yoga vacation.

Located in the absolutely magical republic of Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is Costa Rica’s longest established nature reserve. 

Covering over 12 square kilometers of land and 17 square kilometers of marine, with a diversity of plants, trees, wildlife, and ecosystems, this location has so much to offer you. 

At Cabo Blanco, you get:

●     Beautiful natural scenery

●     A tranquil environment for practicing yoga and relaxing your body and mind

●     Safe and secure accommodations

●     Healthy living

●     The possibility of having a memorable experience

●    Sunflower Retreats to help improve your skills in yoga


If you ever find yourself in need of a location for your next yoga vacation (or any vacation for that matter), make sure to take an active effort to actually find the perfect place for you. One of these perfect places is the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. 

Thinking of giving Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve a try? Then contact Sunflower Retreats today to make bookings for a yoga vacation at Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.