Holistic Holiday In Cabo Blanco, Nature Reserve

Practising yoga is good for the mind, body and soul; anyone who has ever performed a sun salutation at dawn will confirm that. Practising yoga on a Sunflower Retreat in Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica, however, is pure bliss.

This retreat is about so much more than mastering fish pose, or downward facing dog. It's about that, of course, and our experienced yoga instructors help you learn any sequence, any pose you choose. But to truly restore your soul, we are offering an array of natural therapies to complement your yoga practice, to bring your body and soul to a state of grace that helps you calm your mind and master yoga techniques. 

After a day of practising your routine, taking classes and chatting with others on the retreat, you'll be ready for our specialists to get to work easing those sore muscles – sore in a good way, of course! The kind of soreness that comes from a deeply satisfying workout and the knowledge that, today, you did your body a whole lot of good. 

Perhaps you've never experienced the joy that comes from a deep tissue massage, the “hurts-so-good” feeling of a massage therapist diving in and working each and every layer. You will croon with the sensation of pain and pleasure, and your body will reach a new level of efficiency and capabilities because of it.  Perhaps you'd like to explore Reiki, an ancient art of laying hands and transferring energy. Our therapists perform Reiki, too. Or, if you have come to our retreat with a tender ankle from a still-healing sports injury, our massage therapists understand how to work on, and help restore, the aching joint. Any skin condition is helped with our Aloe Vera skin treatments...acne, rash, eczema, and even sunburn.  

Other therapies we offer include aromatherapy with essential oils; reflexology; hot stone treatments; Indian and Tibetan head massage; and bamboo massage.. .and this is not a complete list of the restorative treatments available to you! 

Our holistic holiday retreats are designed for more than yoga practice. They are designed to simultaneously restore your body, help you attain new suppleness, stretch and calm. All these things contribute to making your Sunflower Yoga Retreat a whole, mindful experience...and a whole lot of fun, too! Gather with other like-minded individuals who want to improve their yoga practice, revel in the warm, restorative sunshine in Costa Rica, make new friends, and feel their bodies come to a new level of bliss. You can have all our treatments during your retreat, or none of them. Like everything else at Sunflower Retreats, the choice is entirely up to you.

Women's Retreats: 40-Plus

Women of a certain age get together and talk about certain things: partners, kids, and jobs outside the home. These women are caregivers, and when they gather, most of these precious hours are spent talking about other people's needs...babysitting our grandchildren, helping the kids with a loan, urging spouses to do more around the house.

But what if you didn't? What if – for once – you talked about yourselves, your needs, your dreams and goals? And what if, for once, you did something about it by going on an adventure at Sunflower Retreats, to nourish your bodies and replenish your souls?  Wouldn't that be awesome? Wouldn't that be...well...delicious?

You can! All women can. Sunflower Retreats offers trips that are all about women of a certain age, women over 40 who often ignore their own well-being in favour of tending to others. But you need to take care of yourself if you are going to be able to take care of others, and a yoga retreat in Italy or Costa Rica is the perfect antidote to a hectic and busy life. 

Whether you are a novice yoga practitioner or an experienced vet with 20 years of poses under your belt, Sunflower Retreats for women “in their prime” has the memorable excursion for you. In Italy, there are backdrops of mountains and olive groves. In Costa Rica, there are nature reserves and white sand beaches with the perfect scenic vistas to gaze on. And perhaps just as importantly, there are like minded (and “like-aged”) women to chat with, practice with, and share classes with. You get a private room with an en-suite bath, so when you feel like privacy, you can have it. But when you feel like joining new friends for a walk on the beach, it's right outside your door.  Shared meals bring folks together to laugh, toast each other with a glass of wine, and tell stories of past adventures and new beginnings. 

And the meals...oh! The meals! Completely organic fare is served every time, locally sourced and totally fresh. If you have any particular sensitivities or food allergies, that's not a problem...just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you. Gathering together for a day of yoga instruction, then gathering again at the supper table to enjoy a just-cooked meal – doesn't that sound marvellous? 

And if it's been a while since you had time to do yoga regularly, and you get a bit sore, we have master therapists to handle natural treatments like Aloe Vera for your skin; deep tissue massage; Reiki, and many, many others. Any treatment you want, any time you want, on no one's schedule but your own. Now that's an experience worth repeating!

Many women come back to Sunflower Retreats again and again...to see old friends and make new ones, to laugh with the instructors who helped them master a shoulder stand, and enjoy the “alone time” and one-of-a-kind nature of a yoga retreat. Some guests love Costa Rica, some love Italy, and some love both. No matter which destination you choose, Sunflower Retreats promises you will have the experience of a lifetime. After all, isn't it time you gave all your attention to...YOU?

Sunflower Retreat In Sabina, Italy

Sunflower Retreats now offers you a life-affirming, spirit-rejuvenating, body-enhancing yoga experience in Sabina, Italy. Do we sound eager? Do we seem wildly enthusiastic? That's because we are! Doing mountain pose in a setting of gorgeous mountains...folding yourself into Lotus in a grove of olive trees...feeling the warm sun on your face as you stretch into fish pose...these are just a few of the glorious moments that await you in Sabina. 

This area is one of Italy's gems; it's rugged, beautiful and green, with a calm pace and welcoming people who enjoy having visitors explore their region. And what a region it is –relaxed and inviting, peaceful and idyllic. Sabina is the perfect backdrop for yoga practice. 

We have been arranging retreats in Italy since 1998, and have let these two decades of experience guide us in developing the best yoga experience in the region. We offer our guests the finest teachers who give you the very best instruction, teachers who love what they do, and impart joy and enthusiasm to every class. They guide you in your practice every step of the way, but if you want to head off alone to an olive grove and work on your sun salutation? It's all good; everything at Sunflower Retreats is designed by you, for you. You can take as many classes – or as few – as you choose.

But we're not just about meditation and practice, we're about fun, too! We offer many social activities, during which you can get to know your neighbour in the next room; laugh and share yoga stories; brag about mastering (finally!) “wall pose,” or share a glass of wine over a meal. And speaking of meals...all the fare at Sunflower Retreats is wholly organic, fresh, and locally sourced. An of course, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to any food, we can accommodate you; just let us know in advance, and we will gladly take care of it. And if you're a little sore at the end of your day, after pushing yourself to a new level, we have therapeutic treatments available – everything from massage of Reiki – to get you back in top form.

 Yoga is about delving into physical and spiritual realms and going deep...challenging your body and calming your mind. At Sunflower Retreats, we specialize in helping you attain both those goals. You'll make new friends, and perhaps refresh friendships you made on your last excursion with us. All with the beautiful backdrop of Sabina, an area that fosters friendships, offers vistas you'll find nowhere else, and gives you a yoga retreat unlike any other.

Yoga Holiday In Montezuma, Costa Rica

Yoga is a discipline for the body, soul and spirit that has been benefiting practitioners for centuries.  Sunflower Retreats has been specializing in bringing our guests the finest yoga holidays in tropical locales for more than two decades, and we are delighted to now offer you a new retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Join us for a week of learning and practising this ancient art with our friendly, highly experienced instructors. Together we embark on a journey that fine tunes your focus, strengthens the body, and nourishes the spirit – all in a lush setting by the sea. Montezuma is in the southern part of Nicoya Peninsula, and is famous for its pristine, white beaches, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. In addition to yoga classes, you can stroll on the beach, check out the farmer's  market and sway to the rhythms of local music played throughout the village. Or just sit for tea at a nearby cafe and watch the world unfold around you at a blessedly unhurried pace.

Sunflower Retreats enhances your experiences with wholly organic cuisine that fuels your body for yoga routines, and we use only locally sourced food that ensures our food is always fresh. We also offer Ayurveda holistic treatments, the perfect antidote to a day of exercise and meditation, or just when you need help relaxing to get a good night's sleep. Ah...bliss! 

But at Sunflower Retreats, we want you to go home with more than new poses to practice. We want you to take home a suitcase filled with memories of new friendships made, connections that will last a lifetime. Bonds formed by our guests don't end when you board the plane to go home...a mutual love of yoga, and reflections on your retreat in Montezuma will carry forward to your life even when you're back to your everyday routine. Before you know it, you and your new yoga warrior friends will be planning your next adventure with Sunflower Retreats – in Italy, perhaps? 

Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in spectacular Costa Rica. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about cuisine, flights, accommodations and more. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreats yoga holiday is going to be one of the best yoga experiences you've ever had! Visit us at www.sunflowerretreats.com to find out more and to plan your next Yoga Holiday!

Costa Rica

This paradise in Central America...white, sandy beaches, lush tropical settings and spectacular rain forests... is a destination Sunflower Retreats has been heading to for more than two decades.  Our yoga retreats offer the best of Costa Rica, the chance to work your “yogi magic” in a sun-drenched place that nourishes the soul and restores your body. Sound good? Let us tell you more. 

Our retreats are designed for everyone, from novice to expert yoga practitioners. Our experienced, friendly instructors guide you through poses that stretch, lengthen and strengthen your body. Or if you would like to come but skip the yoga in favour of long bikes ride, tours in the rain forest, or hikes up mountains, that's just fine with us. Your trip is curated to meet your dreams and desires, even if those dreams mean hanging out on the beach and indulging in a glass of wine – or two! And we offer many social activities that let you meet and get to know your fellow, like-minded travellers, and you can choose – or not – to participate in all of them. 

Costa Rica is a nature lover's Eden, with warm breezes and tropical vistas that are second to none. You are free to wander and get to know the area, or hop on a bike and visit the nearest village, or relax on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Our only goal is helping you have a wonderful time...however you define that. 

Our instructors are experienced and friendly, and they will help you master whatever difficult pose you've been attempting at home but couldn't quite get the hang of. They'll tell you all about yoga's history, too; how good it is for the body, mind and soul. They will even teach you a pose or two to help you relax and get a great night's sleep. And they'll regale you with tales of past retreats, of friendships formed and bonds cemented.  Sunflower Retreats in Costa Rica are unlike any other yoga retreat in the world, because of our experienced instructors, the beautiful locale, our menus, and our accommodations. Ah yes, the menus...we help sustain local economies by purchasing only fresh, organic foods from nearby farms and other producers. Your meals are designed to give you energy and reinvigorate your muscles, and your room is private with its own en-suite bath. At the end of a long day, it's heaven!

When your day ends – however that day has unfolded – have one of our many therapeutic, holistic treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Do you need to relax? We have something for that, perhaps an Indian head massage.  Are your muscles sore from a workout from the advanced class you decided to try? There's  deep tissue massage for that, too. And if you get a little burned from all those hours on the beach, we've got just the Aloe Vera treatment to set things right.

Sunflower Retreats has been bringing together yoga enthusiasts and gorgeous settings in Costa Rica for well over two decades now. We offer an experience you'll never forget, moments that last forever, and friendships for a lifetime.

For more information, please contact us at: sunflowerretreats.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about availability, class schedules, menus, and more.