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About Sunflower Retreats

Sunflower Retreats Holidays, established in 1998, was the first yoga holiday centre in Sabina Hills and the first of its kind in Italy.


Over the years we have built a yoga holiday centre in the hilltop village of Casperia to which people from all over the world come to rejuvenate and recharge; one where people can step away from their busy lives for a short time to be themselves and find tranquility, enjoying the real Italy, living among local people.

Sunflower Retreats' base centre is located in some of Italy's most beautiful country landscapes and each of our new destinations is based in a beautiful location; a hilltop village by the sea or mountains and jungles - locations truly immersed-in and surrounded by mother nature's beautiful splendour.

Our ethical business and sustainable tourism philosophy

We have been renovatingvillage houses and buildings in Casperia since 1998, creating local employment and working with the community in order to support the village's economy and integrate the concept of responsible ethical tourism.
We are a 'low profit eco-tourism organisation'; a percentage of the cost of each booking goes in rental to locally-owned village houses, treatment rooms, restaurants and the local businesses who provide activities for our guests to enjoy. The same is true of our new destinations in Sperlonga and Costa Rica, where we support local communities and nature reserves. This is part of our responsible tourism policy, as our guests live within the community, rather than in a privately-owned retreat. This policy helps to sustain our base centre Casperia and other locations that we work with, by providing income to independent local families and businesses, including the shops, farmers, and to the guides we work with.
We continue to encourage employment and economic growth in Casperia and beyond by bringing international guests to our destinations, who contribute to the life of the village. Rather than dominating a location, we hope to blend organically into the beauty and harmony of the community. We continue to grow and change in order to make this possible.

It was definitely up there amongst my best vacations ever. Your staff made our time there really special - they were all terrific to deal with and are wonderful ambassadors.
— Jennifer, 2010

Our symbol: the sunflower

The myriad fields of sunflowers blooming every summer around Casperia and the Sabina Hills inspired us to call ourselves Sunflower Retreats. The sunflower is one of the strongest symbols of summer - other than the sun itself - growing in gardens and open fields with wild abandon. It is a symbol of community, an international symbol of peace and one of good luck and health in Italy. While it appears to be a single bloom, the head of the sunflower is actually composed of a multitude of flowers, surrounded by yellow petals. Each flower focuses on one entity - the sun. It follows the sun's apparent journey across the sky, hanging its head when the sun no longer shines on it. The sunflower not only stands sentinel as a reflection of the sun, but it provides food from its seeds