Women Retreat 40 Plus

In recent times, more and more women are deciding to take retreats rather than regular vacations. According to the author of Shameless, and founder of the America Fertility Association, Pamela Madsen, she said that women are in a quest to gain more from their time off, especially if they are somewhere close to 40 years old.

Madsen says “These women are on a mission to find something bigger in their own lives. And though retreats can be pricey, for many women, taking a retreat is not considered a luxury item. Instead, taking a retreat has become a part of their ritual self-car e; carefully scheduled into their yearly calendar.” 

As a woman, you are determined on getting an education, being successful in your chosen career, and staying healthy while doing it.

You  may also want to be a good mom to your children and a good wife to your husband, and you also want to keep taking care of your parents.

All of this can leave you feeling tired and exhausted, to the point where you need more than just a few days off. There is a need for you to find a way to recharge. A retreat at Sunflower Retreats wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Sunflower Retreats offers health packages, natural medical services, life management, food and nutrition classes, massages and body work, energy balancing treatments such as Reiki and so on .

Our wellness spa and treatments are some of the largest in the world. If you’re looking for a good stress-relieving yoga program, Sunflower Retreats is the place to go. You can benefit from the daily yoga classes, world standard natural foods, cuisine, massages, and healing arts, and so much more.

Reasons to Take a Retreat with Sunflower Retreats

Self Care: Doing to much can leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. With our restorative retreat at Sunflower Retreats, you can again begin to feel more of who you are, as stay at Sunflower Retreats can leave you ready to be your old self again, which may be a great blessing to those around you.

Healing: If you’ve come through a difficult personal experience lately, like divorce or the death of loved ones.  A retreat at Sunflower Retreats might be just what you need to process those difficult experiences.

Spiritual Renewal: Women like feeling connected to something beyond themselves. Explore and deepen your relationship with nature at Sunflower Retreats. Our beautiful natural locations can bring you that much needed inner peace.

Female Connections: A retreat at Sunflower Retreats offers you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women. The connections you make at a retreat can sustain you in a unique way and for a life time.

Experience Something New: A retreat at Sunflower Retreats gives you the perfect excuse to try something different. Step out of your comfort zone and experience yourself in a new dimension. You’ll see new things, experience a new way of living, and give yourself the options of how you may want to make changes when you return back home. You may want to include more Yoga and meditation into your daily life or program a regular massage a couple of times a month. In other words, a retreat at Sunflower Retreats can change your life is a positive way.