Yoga Holiday Mal Pais

Every worker looks up to their job vacation. This is due to the fact that it is always a time to go outside your normal routine life and have fun for yourself. A well spent vacation is usually a wonderful experience and people don’t like parting a way with such memory.

Your vacation could be the only time you have in a year for focus and self reflection. You should be able to discover your inner being and how to always be in a state of peace. The best time to discover this is during vacation. This is why most people around the world are taking it yoga holiday very serious. 

Yoga holiday is a short or long holiday people take so as to practice the act of yoga outside their place of residence. The excess of this is to be more focused, more serious and an opportunity to meet with people from all works of life. 

Sunflower Retreats is always passionate about making your vacation a wonderful one. It will be fun and interesting as our yoga holiday will be in Mal Pais. Several yoga asana will be carried out and these yoga exercises are tailored towards making you more flexible and healthier. It is a known fact among our past students that our yoga holidays are always an unforgettable and joyful experience. 

Mal Pais is a small peaceful neighborhood , the surface scene of this environment is astonishing and it has several hotels, bars .

Due to the amazing environment and the natural features of Mal Pais  it has become one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica.  Mal Pai has sandy and a rocky coast lines and has volcanic formations that always create a unique and heart melting scene. 

Sunflower reserve takes advantage of this natural environment and conduct yoga holiday for their students over there. They have a team of great Yoga instructors who ensure that every participant of the holiday program gets exceptional value for the money spent on the adventure. It is not all about Yoga alone, but it is an opportunity to explore the natural environment of Mal Pais and the surrounding area. 

When in Mal Pais, you will have the opportunity to ride horses at the lodges stables and have a good sight of the beach and other natural environment around the area on horseback. There are several places when you can eat amazing food .

We are certain of the fact that you will have a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation if you subscribe to our yoga holiday program in Mal Pais. It is a perfect opportunity to meet people and practice yoga in an amazing natural setting. This group yoga practice is also very fun and interesting, making you wish the holiday was for eternity.

Yoga Holiday Mal Pais is a carefully planned and organised program that will make every second in Mal Pais worth it.

It is a perfect opportunity for you to go out and forget your worries for a while. This will make you to be healthy and happy and more relaxed.

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