Yoga Holidays in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Yoga holidays can be life-changing with the right location and team. People go on yoga retreats or holidays to be able to practice yoga free from the distractions of work, family and social life. Yoga is a spiritual practice that is focused on raising positive energy. Creating a self-awareness that helps you achieve peace and tranquility.

Santa Teresa is famous for having the most coveted surf points in Costa Rica. The tides are low in the morning so even if you're a beginner surfer, you can have fun without been worried about the big waves. It is a tropical beauty surrounded by exotic nature spots and gorgeous restaurants.

If you’re interested in exploring the richness of the world around you while practising yoga away from the buzzing streets of Santa Teresa, Sunflower Retreats is the best place for you. A fifteen-minute drive from Santa Teresa with its mesmerizing beaches, that are the delight of surfers, restaurants and shops.

Our lodge is situated in a natural paradise with  flowering gardens ,within a 90-hectare private reserve next to Cabo Blanco National Park; the longest-established nature reserve in Costa Rica with a diversity of plants, trees and wildlife. 

From within the resort's private mile-and-a-half long jungle trail, on foot or on horseback, you get a mosaic of jungle, rolling hills, mountains and creeks, with some lookout points from where you can enjoy panoramic views to the Pacific ocean and beaches of Mal Pais and discover the fascinating jungle wildlife and nature.

Spending your yoga holidays at Sunflower Retreats will help revitalize your mind, body and soul in a relaxed atmosphere, hosted by nature in its unspoilt form. With a team of specialized teachers from all over the world, in personalized classes that ensure everyone's spiritual needs are catered-for. 

Aside from our yoga classes, there are Ayurvedic and holistic therapies which are a major feature of Sunflower Retreats' path to wellness as they complement the yoga we practice.

We understand that yoga holidays are a fusion of yoga and holiday. This is why - though yoga is the main focus -  we ensure that you have as much relaxation and fun as you would on an holiday. There’s time to go on excursions around the area, take a boat trip to explore the pacific coast, or pay a visit to the neighbouring scenic beaches of Mal Pais, - just a mile away downhill - and Montezuma. We also  provide you with surfing, paddle-boarding and diving, horse riding, fishing, walks and treks, nature tours and bird watching,  among others activities.

It can be quite frustrating to be in a foreign country without backup - especially when random inevitable things pop-up. This is why we make sure there are staff on ground to help you with anything you might need to make your stay with us enjoyable.

A direct flight is always the best because it allows you to arrive in a good mood and leave in a light one. Our Costa Rica Travel page has information on direct flights to San Jose, Costa Rica, and how to get from San Jose to our jungle lodge.

Yoga holidays with Sunflower Retreats are a fantastic choice that guarantees wellness and great adventures, with the additional perks of bonding and creating great friendships with other like-minds.