Yoga Retreats in Cabuya, Costa Rica

Often, our yoga progress suffers for one reason or another, and it seems we're not making progress in the journey to self-knowledge, but the journey is easier when you have the right teacher and you're in the best environment. 

Cabuya, Costa Rica is one of the places you go to on Earth and think “I've come to the end of the world.” It is one of the most remote towns with flat terrain and lots of pasture, giving you a very rural experience. The nearby villages of Santa Teresa and Montezuma are known for their beautiful beaches, but Cabuya is known for its breathtakingly gorgeous white sand beach. The beach is protected by a rocky reef which makes it a favourite among families. Unlike the beaches in Santa Teresa and Montezuma where you have to be careful about dangerous rip tides or big waves from time to time there are no scary waves or rip currents.

It’s a beautifully serene place, with two great surf spots, several large waterfalls, the mysterious and rumoured Cabuya Island, the official entrance to Cabo Blanco Park, and the huge Higueron tree that might be the largest tree in Costa Rica. Cabuya is certainly a paradise in Costa Rica when you know the best spots.

Sunset Retreats is located in an intimate and peaceful jungle lodge set in flowering gardens within a 90-hectare private reserve next to Cabo Blanco National Park. With its wide diversity of plants, trees and wildlife, the extensive property forms a continuous stretch of forest which is Costa Rica's longest established nature reserve.

Here you will find a mosaic of jungle, rolling hills, mountains and creeks, with some lookout points from where you can enjoy panoramic views to the Pacific ocean and beaches of Mal Pais and discover the fascinating jungle wildlife and nature within the resort's private mile-and-a-half long jungle trail; on foot, or on horseback.

Our team of qualified yoga teachers from all over the world teach in a variety of yoga styles and provide the very best in yoga classes that ensure you find the balance your energy, connect with your inner self, gain self-knowledge and the wellness (core strength) that you need. There are Ayurvedic and Holistic treatments; both major features of Sunflower Retreats' path to wellness, which complement the yoga we practice. We have a wide range of treatments, as in a spa, but we differ in that we use only natural, organic products and take a holistic approach in our sessions.

None-yogis are welcome at the retreat and will enjoy our social activities from horse riding, boat trips, surfing, paddle-boarding and diving, fishing, walks and treks, nature tours and bird-watching. We have the best staff to guide you. Our guests get personal attention from our teachers and build great bonds with other guests.

Accompanied by a wonderful swimming pool, waterfall jacuzzi, yoga shala and lounge-dining area, and terraces ideal for relaxing and practicing yoga and meditation, hammocks to relax in and free wi-fi all around the property, our delicious breakfast of local fruit (papaya, mangos, pineapples),fresh yogurt, cereal, coffee or tea, eggs ,toast with jam and honey with buffet for lunch and dinner provides you the daily essentials you need without stress.

From 4 nights to 6 nights and 13 nights, we've got your back. All you need to do is pack your bag and get on a plane to Costa Rica!