Springtime Yoga Retreats In Italy

May and June at our village base of Casperia, in the hills of Lazio, is the most wonderful time: Perfect for nature, for yoga and for shaking-off the winter blues.

The reasons why?

  • The weather is mostly warm enough to enjoy yoga outdoors on our fabulous panoramic yoga deck.
  • The rolling hills are a tapestry of emerald green in riot of colour and texture; truly one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth!
  • Long day-length; perfect for enjoying sunset appertivi in a local bar or on the terrace of your village house.
  • Flights to Rome are more affordable than in high summer and they're frequent and from an variety of bases near your home as well. Book them at least six weeks before your holiday, to get the best prices.
  • Our smaller groups provide a great opportunity to bond with other yogini, as well as providing more personal help from our yoga instructor.
  • The days are hot and sunny, but still cool enough to enjoy cycling, walking, hot spas and a host of other activities, without the energy-sapping heat of the high summer.

Join us this spring for a revitalising yoga holiday for the mind, body and soul and enjoy the 10% discount we're offering, just at our Casperia base.

Then go home and brag to all the friends who ask ask you where you got that tan.