Yoga Retreats In Europe

When choosing between the yoga retreats Europe has to offer, it helps to give special consideration to the location of the retreat you make your final decision.

Here are seven questions you could ask yourself...

Which country in Europe do you want to go on a yoga holiday to?  


What cities within that country do you want to be able to visit?  Is there one particular city in Europe that you have always wanted to visit?  This is an opportunity to combine your yoga retreat with fulfilling that dream.

Do you want to combine your yoga holiday with visits to other towns and cities in the area?

Are you looking for a more holistic holiday, so that, for example, you could visit a place of spiritual pilgrimage, such as that of St Francis of Assisi?

Do you want your yoga holiday to be close enough to a city to be able to enjoy the city culture in the evenings and relax with yoga during the daytimes?

yoga retreats in italy

Do you want to stay in one of the many villages in the country of your choice and immerse yourself as a guest of the village to learn more about their unique way of life?

Is it important to you that your yoga retreat centre in Europe promotes eco-tourism and protection of nature, and engages local companies who use traditional organic methods of farming?

Once you have considered all the above points and decided on the location, your next decision will be, whether to go on one of these yoga retreats, alone, with a partner or with a group of friends.

The advantage of going alone is that you will have the chance to relax totally without having to consider the needs of anyone else.  Yoga retreats enable you to have this opportunity with the tranquil setting that you would expect to find with such a holiday and you'll often meet other single travellers on your yoga retreat.


On the other hand, going with a partner has the advantage of sharing the experience at the time and also for future memories.   

Going with a group of friends has this same benefit and added to that would be the quality time spent together with your friends.

Another consideration might be the range of other activities that would be available when researching what the yoga retreat in Europe offers. You could make a list of what you would like to find, such as; hill walking; cycling; art lessons; swimming and horseriding etc.

You'll need to accumulate this information if you are going to go with a partner or a group of friends as not everyone may want to take part in the yoga sessions and they might need an alternative activity to be offered at any of the yoga retreats in Europe that you find.

Good luck in your research and happy holiday!