Holistic Holidays in THE Nicoya Peninsula

Holidays are one thing no human should do without. Every single person on the planet needs to take a little bit of time to just rest and recover.  

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do, or how much you earn. If you spend most of your time doing anything at all, be it working, or attending classes, or doing anything at all, you need to always take a break once in a while to restore your lost energy. This is exactly what holidays provide. 

Just spending the holiday away from work or school isn’t good enough, however. Remember, the goal is to get restored, not just to rest. And here’s a fact: nothing does a better job of restoring you than a holistic holiday in exotic locations like the Nicoya Peninsula. 

About The Nicoya Peninsula

One of the most beautiful places on planet earth, the Nicoya Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the absolutely magical Republic of Costa Rica. 

Known mostly for its various wonderful beaches, the Nicoya Peninsula has a lot of wonders in store for tourists. Some of these wonders include: 

●     Cabo Blanco absolute nature reserve

●     Isla Tortuga

●     Samara beach

●     Barra Honda national park

●     Playa Carrillo

●     Curu wildlife refuge

●     Montezuma waterfall

●     Playa Barrigona

●     Playa Junquilla

●     Playa Ventanas

Why You Should Choose Nicoya Peninsula

So why exactly should you choose Nicoya Peninsula? What is so special about this place that makes us so sure that it would be the perfect location for you? These questions and others like it are likely running through your mind right now. The answer to these questions? Well… keep reading and decide for yourself.

3 Things that the Nicoya Peninsula Has To Offer You

The Beaches

If there is one thing most popular holiday destinations have in common, it is beautiful beaches. This is because beaches are one of the most relaxing places. Simply listening to the waves crashing on the shore is enough to calm your mind. 

When it comes to beaches, Nicoya Peninsula has some of the most beautiful ones you’ll ever find. From the magnificent Samara Beach to the beaches of Montezuma and the many other beach towns around, there is a lot of fun to be had in Nicoya Peninsula for swimmers and surfers.

The Scenery

There is no way to talk about Nicoya Peninsula without mentioning this fact: the scenery is just beautiful! There is no denying this fact. From the gorgeous rainforest of Montezuma to its several mountains and waterfalls, the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, and the many other mind-blowing sceneries around Nicoya Peninsula, this place definitely becomes a must see.

The Seclusion

What’s the point of going on a holiday without getting to actually relax? This is one other thing Nicoya Peninsula is sure to offer you. A chance to actually relax. Nicoya Peninsula offers you a secluded environment to really relax and get revived. The peace and tranquility you are sure to enjoy in Nicoya Peninsula is one you can only enjoy in a select few places. 

Sunflowerretreat’s Holistic Holiday Nicoya Peninsula

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