Costa Rica

This paradise in Central America...white, sandy beaches, lush tropical settings and spectacular rain forests... is a destination Sunflower Retreats has been heading to for more than two decades.  Our yoga retreats offer the best of Costa Rica, the chance to work your “yogi magic” in a sun-drenched place that nourishes the soul and restores your body. Sound good? Let us tell you more. 

Our retreats are designed for everyone, from novice to expert yoga practitioners. Our experienced, friendly instructors guide you through poses that stretch, lengthen and strengthen your body. Or if you would like to come but skip the yoga in favour of long bikes ride, tours in the rain forest, or hikes up mountains, that's just fine with us. Your trip is curated to meet your dreams and desires, even if those dreams mean hanging out on the beach and indulging in a glass of wine – or two! And we offer many social activities that let you meet and get to know your fellow, like-minded travellers, and you can choose – or not – to participate in all of them. 

Costa Rica is a nature lover's Eden, with warm breezes and tropical vistas that are second to none. You are free to wander and get to know the area, or hop on a bike and visit the nearest village, or relax on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Our only goal is helping you have a wonderful time...however you define that. 

Our instructors are experienced and friendly, and they will help you master whatever difficult pose you've been attempting at home but couldn't quite get the hang of. They'll tell you all about yoga's history, too; how good it is for the body, mind and soul. They will even teach you a pose or two to help you relax and get a great night's sleep. And they'll regale you with tales of past retreats, of friendships formed and bonds cemented.  Sunflower Retreats in Costa Rica are unlike any other yoga retreat in the world, because of our experienced instructors, the beautiful locale, our menus, and our accommodations. Ah yes, the menus...we help sustain local economies by purchasing only fresh, organic foods from nearby farms and other producers. Your meals are designed to give you energy and reinvigorate your muscles, and your room is private with its own en-suite bath. At the end of a long day, it's heaven!

When your day ends – however that day has unfolded – have one of our many therapeutic, holistic treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Do you need to relax? We have something for that, perhaps an Indian head massage.  Are your muscles sore from a workout from the advanced class you decided to try? There's  deep tissue massage for that, too. And if you get a little burned from all those hours on the beach, we've got just the Aloe Vera treatment to set things right.

Sunflower Retreats has been bringing together yoga enthusiasts and gorgeous settings in Costa Rica for well over two decades now. We offer an experience you'll never forget, moments that last forever, and friendships for a lifetime.

For more information, please contact us at: We are happy to answer any questions you may have about availability, class schedules, menus, and more.