Yoga Holidays in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica

The practice of yoga is so much more than a path to physical well-being; it is part of a journey to an enlightened mind, a calm spirit and a gracious – and graceful – heart. The flow of poses in a yoga routine – from Mountain pose to Tree pose, Warrior to Lotus to Child's Pose – represents the flow of nature's energy as it inspires and relaxes the body, frees the mind and nourishes the soul.

At Sunflower Retreats, we believe in taking that journey in the heart of a breathtaking environment, and that's what the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica offers. Together we will explore the region's natural bounty while we share with you the knowledge and insights that are part of the yoga experience. Our team of instructors are helpful and wise, and impart these lessons to you with grace and – just as importantly – good humour! There is no judgment at Sunflower Retreats, only friendly, welcoming people who enthusiastically share their experience and joy in the practice and power of yoga.

At Sunflower Retreats, our focus is your wellness and spiritual enlightenment, but we want you to have fun, too! Your schedule of classes can be as full or as light as you wish; we curate your time based on your wants and needs. If you're not a morning person, that's okay; take a class on the beach at sunset. But if dawn is your best time, the time of day when you flourish, we have a before-breakfast class that will suit you to a tee. And speaking of breakfast... all our meals are organic and locally sourced, which means we ensure you get the finest, freshest foods on your plate each and every day.

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of Costa Rica's most spectacular regions, so you may want to take a day (or two!) to explore it by yourself, or with a new friend from the retreat. That's okay – this yoga holiday is about you, for you and your well being, and that's defined by you. Everyone, from a novice yoga practitioner to the most experienced yogi, will find satisfaction and joy at our retreat and just as vitally, you'll find new friends, too. We truly offer something for everyone in our “yogasphere!”

Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in fantastic Costa Rica. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about cuisine, flights, accommodations, and more. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreat yoga holiday is going to be one of the best yoga experiences you'll ever have. Visit us and book your reservations today at

We look forward to making your yoga holiday an unforgettable one!