Sunflower Retreats in Italy Sunflower Retreats in Costa Rica

If you are standing in a circle of people in Costa Rica, chances are that at least one of the people is a yoga instructor. It’s really that popular. Considering the pura vida lifestyle  in Costa Rica, it’s not a huge surprise that people are increasingly showing up to stretch, tone, and purify their bodies. Yoga retreats have sprung up along the coasts and in the mountains. The best retreats are ensconced in nature, bringing guests closer to the Earth and more in touch with themselves. They serve healthy local food and often provide three meals a day, along with opportunities to get out and see a bit of the country.

Sunflower Retreats offers Yoga vacations in 2 different countries;

Sunflower Retreats in Italy

In Italy we invite our guest to spend some time in the beautiful village of Casperia. Surrounded by the Sabina mountains, a peaceful and quiet location with just 350 inhabitants, and just north of Rome. Beautiful panoramic views to relax to after your yoga classes. It is a medieval village that you will never forget. 

Sunflower Retreats in Costa Rica

Practice yoga in a tropical paradise while experiencing fascinating culture and wildlife of Costa Rica. Our location is next to the Cabo Blanco National Park, and the settings of that of a peaceful jungle lodge. Our lodge is filled with plenty of creeks, mountains, hills and forests. At nearby lookout points, you have wonderful views of the Pacific ocean and beaches of Mal Pais.