Yoga Retreats in Europe

Are you a yoga enthusiast? Does the very idea of performing yogic exercises invigorate you ?

So why not do that on your next vacation ?

Combine your pleasure with passion and go for a yoga vacation in the serene terrain of Europe ? 

Promote positive energy with a yoga retreat in Italy, tone your physique as you join fellow yogis in Sabina or rebalance your chakras through deep breathing techniques in Costa Rica.

Supplement your yoga practice with meditation for greater mental clarity, indulge your senses with luxurious spa treatments and enjoy nutritious healthy meals for all-encompassing wellness.

Sunflower Yoga Retreats

Sunflower Retreats have offered yoga retreats and wellness holidays in Italy and Costa Rica since 1998.

During our retreats you take part in daily yoga classes, Ayurvedic holistic treatments, and enjoy delicious locally-sourced organic cuisine. After your fun day, you can relax in your own en-suite bedroom.

Our yoga holidays are affordable and keeps every budget in mind. You can choose between morning yoga classes or afternoon yoga classes.

You can spend time in our yoga workshop.Or you can choose to enjoy a free bike ride down country lanes and then have a relaxing afternoon tanning on one of our sunny terraces while taking in the beautiful views. 

Sunflower Retreats is a low-profit organization that takes pride in helping to sustain the economies of the areas that we work in.

We offer fair payments to local farmers, small businesses and local businesses & staff who provide accommodation, meals, activities and lessons for our guests.

So for your next vacation, join us at Sunflower Retreats and enjoy a yoga vacation where you will make friends and experiences that will last a lifetime.