Things To Consider Before Choosing The Location For Your Yoga Retreat In Europe

When it comes to planning a wonderful vacation, the location is just as important as the trip; and a yoga retreat is no different. It happens much too often that potentially great vacations have been ruined simply because the locations chosen weren’t so great a choice. 

It doesn’t have to mean the locations were bad either. Sometimes, even some of the best locations could be bad choices. For example, though Rome is one of the most popular tourist attraction centers in the world, it isn’t so great a location for anyone looking to enjoy the beach experience.

With this in mind, we at Sunflowerretreats are here to help. Here is a list of all the things you need to consider before choosing the location for your yoga retreat in Europe.

 Things to consider.

1.     Your plan.

This is probably the first thing to ask yourself: What’s the plan? Yes, you want to go on a yoga retreat. Yes, it’s going to be somewhere in Europe. Then what? Are you planning to visit the beach? Would you prefer ancient temples instead? Are you more interested in mountainous regions instead? Ask yourself similar questions and consider the answers. They would help you choose a location perfect for what you have planned

2.     Your budget.

Here’s another thing to consider: how much you plan to spend. Generally, yoga retreats are easy on the pocket. With little money, you could go on a yoga retreat and still have a blast. Due to the difference in the cost of living of various locations, however, a yoga retreat in one location could be more expensive than the other. Considering your budget and choosing a location that suits it perfectly is a big step towards making sure your vacation is as enjoyable as it could ever be. 

3.     Your safety.

Have you decided that your chosen location is perfect for your plan and budget? The next thing to do is consider your safety. Check out the current state of your chosen location. Is there any crisis you should be worried about? What does the news say? These are important questions a lot of people neglect to ask. Look at it this way. How would you feel if after choosing a location for your retreat, you find out the beach you were looking to have your daily yoga session experienced a number of shark attacks in the last week and has been closed down for that reason? Would you not have wished you knew beforehand and chosen another location?

 If after considering all these things you deem your chosen location as a good choice, then you can go ahead with preparing for the retreat! If not, consider other locations with this list in mind.

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Yoga Retreats

Rest is essential to your health. You need it to maintain optimum mental and physical performance and to live a stress-free life. 

Unfortunately, life in the twenty-first century seems to provide us with less rest and more things to worry about. There is always something happening: some work demanding your involvement, some news begging for your attention, some comment requiring your like or dislike. Regardless what it is, there’s always something to do. 

So when do you actually get to rest? When you sleep? Even then, do you actually get enough rest? Do you feel rejuvenated afterward? If no, then this article is just for you!

Yoga Retreats.

Here’s the perfect opportunity to get that much-deserved rest: A yoga retreat.

If you have ever been on such a trip, you understand why this is the perfect solution. If you haven’t… well, let’s try to show you exactly what you have been missing.

What It’s All About.

You probably already guessed it ─ a yoga retreat is a vacation with yoga planned in. Still, there´s more to it than that. After all, any vacation can have yoga planned among the activities to be undertaken. A yoga vacation, on the other hand, is on a whole other level.

 What’s So Special About It?

A yoga retreat is special for so many reasons:

1.     It is all about you.

While vacations and other such holiday options are designed for the family, a group of workers, a number of friends; a yoga vacation is designed solely for you. Now, though there is a place for family or friends on a yoga retreat, it is not about the group but the individual. 

A yoga retreat provides you with all the “ME” time you need to rest and restore the energy depleted by the twenty-first-century life.

2.     It is a means to heal.

In our world today, when we talk about health, what most people think about is the body. But good health is more than just being free of sicknesses and covers the wellness of body, spirit, and mind. With exercises designed to calm and refresh the mind, lift the spirit, and improve the functions of the body, a yoga retreat provides healing for all three.

3.     It is a means to make new friends.

Seeing as the yoga retreat relaxes the mind and spirit, a yoga retreat is one of the best possible places to make friends considering a relaxed person is a much more jovial person. From a single retreat, you would be going home with more than just pictures of a trip!

 And those are just a few benefits about going on this type of a vacation! There is so much more to be gained from a yoga retreat. More than can be described in words, pictures, or videos. You need to experience it to understand it. Visit Sunflowerretreatstoday to know exactly what all this is about! 


Holidays are a wonderful time to retreat and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. They are a good time to relax with your family and get that crucial bonding that the ever-active 21st-century lifestyle has left your family unable to manage. Yet, they are also a good time for you to work on YOU. 

Do you find yourself slipping and being lost in the activities and everyday routine of work? Well, the holidays could also be the perfect time to go on that soul search you have been meaning to for a long time now and reconnect with your true self. Do you simply look to spend your time rejuvenating on a “me-trip”? Well, holidays are perfect for that too.

If you are a woman aged 40 or more and are looking for such a holiday, or know someone who fits this category, then this article is just for you!

What we are offering you

If you are looking to soul search during the holidays, then what better way to do this than with yoga? A yoga retreat offers you all you could ever be looking for, and more, in one smooth package. Are you simply looking to rest and enjoy yourself this holiday? Well, a yoga retreat is a perfect place for that.

What you stand to gain

  • Relaxation.
    Regardless of what type, holidays always provide an opportunity for relaxation, and a yoga retreat is no different. You get to really kick back and relax and forget about all your worries. Not only does the schedule of a yoga retreat leave you with the opportunity to relax, but even the locations chosen for these retreats are usually serene and relaxing.

  • Visit beautiful places.
    As a rule, locations for yoga retreats are located in some of the most beautiful and nature-endowed places in the world. From Costa Rica to India, and more, wherever your location is, it is sure to be BEAUTIFUL!

  • Socialiability.
    This is another thing you stand to gain on a yoga retreat: you get to mingle. Most of the time, people find that they hardly get to meet new people, and when they do, the entire meeting is in most cases, business related. A yoga retreat is a perfect way to fix this. Without the pressure of work and the need to appear and stay professional, a yoga retreat provides you with the chance to simply be yourself and relate with people. And who knows, maybe from there you could even make some lifetime friends!

  • Yoga.
    And this I would say is the coup de grace: YOGA. A yoga vacation gives you the entire benefit of yoga, and yes, I mean everything. From the physical to the mental, from the emotional to the spiritual; you’d get it all. Every single thing that yoga offers, you stand the chance to get it on a yoga retreat. And believe me when I say yoga offers A LOT.

Planning to go on a yoga retreat this coming holiday? Then contact us at Sunflower Retreats for all the information you might need for choosing the retreat and location best suited for you. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a safe and happy holiday!

A Women’s Wellness Retreat for Your Spouse

Being a woman is not an easy thing sometimes. Between struggling to find one’s ground in this so-called ‘man’s world’, pursuing career and personal goals, raising a family, and having to look radiant while putting all these together, things could quite easily get overwhelming and drive one off the edge. And that’s just scratching the surface too.

Considering how much value women add to society, much of which is often overlooked, unfortunately, one would think our women deserve a break. And not just any break either. Having to spend a good part of their lives for others ─ be it spouse, kids or work, women need a break that is just for them: This is what we offer.

Wellness retreat for women

Let’s face it ─ no one can fully understand what a woman is going through except another woman. You might be a considerate and understanding man, but that’s only half of what it takes. You need to live the life to understand the life. This is where a women’s retreat comes in. Made exclusively for women, your spouse gets to spend quality time with people who understand exactly what she is going through in a way you naturally couldn’t. She can finally get that much-needed rest, support from people who have gone through the same or similar situations to the one she is going through, and even make some female friends too. 

Yet there is much more to be gained from a wellness retreat like this.

Other benefits of the women wellness retreat?

The freedom

There is a level of freedom that comes with being surrounded by others of your gender ─ freedom to dress as you like, talk as you like, and just simply be yourself. The women wellness retreat offers your spouse just this.  

The safety

Here’s another thing women stand to gain ─ safety. It has been proven time and time again that women tend to feel safer around other women, and who doesn’t want that for their spouse? The feeling of safety also makes it easy to simply kick-back and relax, without a care in the world, and this makes the retreat even more fulfilling.

The experience

Getting the chance to meet with like-minded people always has the potential of creating some life-changing experiences. Being a retreat created just for women, it is not unusual to find people who have made long-lasting friendships and even business partnerships from such retreats.

The health benefits

This is what brings the ‘wellness’ into the women’s wellness retreat. All the other benefits are all well and good, but it is not wellness retreat if this isn’t present. With quality, healthy meals and well-planned exercises and other activities like yoga, the women’s wellness retreat is designed to improve both mental and physical health, and the outcome is always evident, leaving the woman looking refreshed and fit.

Your woman deserves the best you can offer. She deserves your love, your affection and also your understanding. Whenever you discover she needs that quality “ME” time, surprise her. A women’s wellness retreat is the perfect option. Visit Sunflowerretreats today to find out more.


It usually comes as a surprise to some people to hear that there are different types of yoga. They see the poses and think that is all there is to it. This cannot be further from the truth. Yoga is a very broad discipline with several other disciplines stemming from it. Some are quite similar to others, and could even be mistaken as the same by novices. Others, on the other hand, are significantly different.

This article will be talking about one of such disciplines, what it offers, and how to go about practicing it.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow is one of the several types or schools of yoga. This type of yoga includes synchronisation of movements and breath. This style of yoga is characterised by it’s rhythmic and smooth transition from one pose to another.

While Vinyasa yoga is a whole school or discipline of yoga on its own, this doesn’t mean it is a stand-alone practice. Under Vinyasa yoga are other forms of yoga like Power and Baptiste yoga, all of which have varying levels of intensity and benefits.

Why Practice Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga offers a number of benefits over regular yoga, and below are just a few of these benefits:

Its variety.

When it comes to Vinyasa yoga, there is a variety of options to choose from, all of which have varying effects and benefits, more so than regular yoga. 

While different yoga poses have varying effects on various parts of the body, regular yoga already has a fair amount of variety. Vinyasa yoga however takes this to a different level, seeing as there are many styles of Vinyasa. You would find slow paced styles and faster ones. Some requiring more flexibility, and others requiring more advanced levels of balance. Regardless which you would be practicing, there is always something to gain.

Its dynamicity

This is another advantage of Vinyasa yoga. While different yoga poses build strength, flexibility or balance, it is not very common to find poses that build all three at the same time. Due to the dynamicity of Vinyasa yoga (having to transition from one pose to the other), achieving all three is almost a certainty.

Add to the above the other benefits of yoga, and you have one style you must include to your yoga routine.

All You Need To Get Started On Vinyasa Yoga.

Before you get started however, below is a list of things you need to note:

  • Get an instructor.
    As it is with every activity requiring a level of skill, it is important to have an instructor to guide you. This doesn’t mean you cannot practice Vinyasa without an instructor present. What it means is that you need to have at least someone to start you off. Someone who can show you exactly how it should be done, and correct you when you are getting things wrong. Obviously, the person need to know exactly what he/she is doing.

  • Perfect the basics
    When practicing without an instructor, it is important that you do not rush the process. Make sure to pay attention to your form and breathe as you should. Take the time to actually pay attention to what you are doing and correct yourself. Don’t be in a rush to advance.

  • Don’t take on more than you can handle
    Are you still a beginner? Then start small and work your way from there. Don’t risk more advanced moves if you aren’t ready, and be brutally honest when asking yourself if you are ready or not. Getting injured never helps your progress.

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