Holidays are a wonderful time to retreat and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the modern day world. They are a good time to relax with your family and get that crucial bonding that the ever-active 21st-century lifestyle has left your family unable to manage. Yet, they are also a good time for you to work on YOU. 

Do you find yourself slipping and being lost in the activities and everyday routine of work? Well, the holidays could also be the perfect time to go on that soul search you have been meaning to for a long time now and reconnect with your true self. Do you simply look to spend your time rejuvenating on a “me-trip”? Well, holidays are perfect for that too.

If you are a woman aged 40 or more and are looking for such a holiday, or know someone who fits this category, then this article is just for you!

What we are offering you

If you are looking to soul search during the holidays, then what better way to do this than with yoga? A yoga retreat offers you all you could ever be looking for, and more, in one smooth package. Are you simply looking to rest and enjoy yourself this holiday? Well, a yoga retreat is a perfect place for that.

What you stand to gain

  • Relaxation.
    Regardless of what type, holidays always provide an opportunity for relaxation, and a yoga retreat is no different. You get to really kick back and relax and forget about all your worries. Not only does the schedule of a yoga retreat leave you with the opportunity to relax, but even the locations chosen for these retreats are usually serene and relaxing.

  • Visit beautiful places.
    As a rule, locations for yoga retreats are located in some of the most beautiful and nature-endowed places in the world. From Costa Rica to India, and more, wherever your location is, it is sure to be BEAUTIFUL!

  • Socialiability.
    This is another thing you stand to gain on a yoga retreat: you get to mingle. Most of the time, people find that they hardly get to meet new people, and when they do, the entire meeting is in most cases, business related. A yoga retreat is a perfect way to fix this. Without the pressure of work and the need to appear and stay professional, a yoga retreat provides you with the chance to simply be yourself and relate with people. And who knows, maybe from there you could even make some lifetime friends!

  • Yoga.
    And this I would say is the coup de grace: YOGA. A yoga vacation gives you the entire benefit of yoga, and yes, I mean everything. From the physical to the mental, from the emotional to the spiritual; you’d get it all. Every single thing that yoga offers, you stand the chance to get it on a yoga retreat. And believe me when I say yoga offers A LOT.

Planning to go on a yoga retreat this coming holiday? Then contact us at Sunflower Retreats for all the information you might need for choosing the retreat and location best suited for you. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a safe and happy holiday!