Sunflower Retreat In Sabina, Italy

Sunflower Retreats now offers you a life-affirming, spirit-rejuvenating, body-enhancing yoga experience in Sabina, Italy. Do we sound eager? Do we seem wildly enthusiastic? That's because we are! Doing mountain pose in a setting of gorgeous mountains...folding yourself into Lotus in a grove of olive trees...feeling the warm sun on your face as you stretch into fish pose...these are just a few of the glorious moments that await you in Sabina. 

This area is one of Italy's gems; it's rugged, beautiful and green, with a calm pace and welcoming people who enjoy having visitors explore their region. And what a region it is –relaxed and inviting, peaceful and idyllic. Sabina is the perfect backdrop for yoga practice. 

We have been arranging retreats in Italy since 1998, and have let these two decades of experience guide us in developing the best yoga experience in the region. We offer our guests the finest teachers who give you the very best instruction, teachers who love what they do, and impart joy and enthusiasm to every class. They guide you in your practice every step of the way, but if you want to head off alone to an olive grove and work on your sun salutation? It's all good; everything at Sunflower Retreats is designed by you, for you. You can take as many classes – or as few – as you choose.

But we're not just about meditation and practice, we're about fun, too! We offer many social activities, during which you can get to know your neighbour in the next room; laugh and share yoga stories; brag about mastering (finally!) “wall pose,” or share a glass of wine over a meal. And speaking of meals...all the fare at Sunflower Retreats is wholly organic, fresh, and locally sourced. An of course, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to any food, we can accommodate you; just let us know in advance, and we will gladly take care of it. And if you're a little sore at the end of your day, after pushing yourself to a new level, we have therapeutic treatments available – everything from massage of Reiki – to get you back in top form.

 Yoga is about delving into physical and spiritual realms and going deep...challenging your body and calming your mind. At Sunflower Retreats, we specialize in helping you attain both those goals. You'll make new friends, and perhaps refresh friendships you made on your last excursion with us. All with the beautiful backdrop of Sabina, an area that fosters friendships, offers vistas you'll find nowhere else, and gives you a yoga retreat unlike any other.