Holistic Holiday In Cabo Blanco, Nature Reserve

Practising yoga is good for the mind, body and soul; anyone who has ever performed a sun salutation at dawn will confirm that. Practising yoga on a Sunflower Retreat in Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica, however, is pure bliss.

This retreat is about so much more than mastering fish pose, or downward facing dog. It's about that, of course, and our experienced yoga instructors help you learn any sequence, any pose you choose. But to truly restore your soul, we are offering an array of natural therapies to complement your yoga practice, to bring your body and soul to a state of grace that helps you calm your mind and master yoga techniques. 

After a day of practising your routine, taking classes and chatting with others on the retreat, you'll be ready for our specialists to get to work easing those sore muscles – sore in a good way, of course! The kind of soreness that comes from a deeply satisfying workout and the knowledge that, today, you did your body a whole lot of good. 

Perhaps you've never experienced the joy that comes from a deep tissue massage, the “hurts-so-good” feeling of a massage therapist diving in and working each and every layer. You will croon with the sensation of pain and pleasure, and your body will reach a new level of efficiency and capabilities because of it.  Perhaps you'd like to explore Reiki, an ancient art of laying hands and transferring energy. Our therapists perform Reiki, too. Or, if you have come to our retreat with a tender ankle from a still-healing sports injury, our massage therapists understand how to work on, and help restore, the aching joint. Any skin condition is helped with our Aloe Vera skin treatments...acne, rash, eczema, and even sunburn.  

Other therapies we offer include aromatherapy with essential oils; reflexology; hot stone treatments; Indian and Tibetan head massage; and bamboo massage.. .and this is not a complete list of the restorative treatments available to you! 

Our holistic holiday retreats are designed for more than yoga practice. They are designed to simultaneously restore your body, help you attain new suppleness, stretch and calm. All these things contribute to making your Sunflower Yoga Retreat a whole, mindful experience...and a whole lot of fun, too! Gather with other like-minded individuals who want to improve their yoga practice, revel in the warm, restorative sunshine in Costa Rica, make new friends, and feel their bodies come to a new level of bliss. You can have all our treatments during your retreat, or none of them. Like everything else at Sunflower Retreats, the choice is entirely up to you.