Yoga Holiday at Santa Teresa

Downward facing dog. Cat stretch. Cobra. Happy baby. Whether you're an experienced yoga practitioner or an enthusiastic beginner, you know the joy, relaxation and health benefits these poses can bring. Now, Sunflower Retreats brings you the opportunity of yoga practice in an entirely new locale, Santa Teresa, Italy. We have had Casperia as our base since 1998, but now we've moved further into Italy, and Santa Teresa is one of the country's best kept secrets!

 Imagine taking instruction in an awe-inspiring, blissful setting that is perfect for yoga practitioners... Vivid sunsets, glorious, blue skies and warm air surround you as you work with our instructors in beautiful Santa Teresa. Our teachers will inspire you, help you and guide you through meditation, without judgment or formality, only encouragement. Yoga is a centuries-old form of exercise that nurtures the body, soul, spirit and mind. As you practice, you will come to know others who are on a similar, shared journey; others who seek wellness and happiness through the practice of yoga and who seek knowledge...knowledge of the mind, the heart, and the world. Friendships that begin on a Sunflower Retreat are friendships that last a lifetime!

But we aren't solely about yoga. We want you to have fun, to socialize and learn about yourself and each other, in the glorious, sun-drenched setting of Santa Teresa. Our visitors' cottages are close to one another, but also allow for privacy and quiet time when that's your preference. We serve healthy, organic meals that suit everyone's tastes, and offer Ayurvedic holistic treatments to cure what may be ailing you. If one day you prefer to go for long, solo walks by the sea, of course that's your choice. If you wish to visit the village one morning, of course, that's fine, too. Nothing is a “must do” at Sunflower Retreats...we want you to have the holistic holiday of a lifetime.

Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in Santa Teresa and other gorgeous spots in Italy. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, about flights, accommodations, cuisine and anything else on your mind. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreat is bound to be one of the best yoga experiences you've ever had. Visit us at www.sunflowerretreats.comfor any  questions you may have. We look forward to talking with you!