Energy and Kundalini Awakening in Yoga.

The search for enlightenment and transformation of the human consciousness have always been one of the aims of yoga, and in a way, one could say yoga has been successful in doing this. After all, haven’t practitioners of yoga been able to achieve some impressive feats, even those who are only beginners?

Now, though you might claim that there haven’t been any yoga practitioners (at least not in the recent age) who have displayed abilities like flight or teleportation, it doesn’t have to be something out of a comic book to be impressive. It has been proven time and time again that the practice of yoga can indeed grant some more-than-natural abilities. From near-absolute control of one’s body temperature to total control over one’s emotions (including pain), the abilities just get more amazing from there.

How is this possible?

Now, you might be wondering how this could be possible. Well here is the thing: Every living creature is made up of matter, and matter contains energy. Even science proves this. This energy is what is being accessed through and being used to achieve these astonishing feats.

Energy in yoga

Just as you learned about matter and energy in your elementary science classes, there is also a lot to learn about energy in yoga. In yoga, however, the focus is mostly on life energy; the principal energy that permeates all life. This energy which is contained by every living creature has different names (chakra, chi, pranic magic, etc.) in different cultures and can be awakened by a number of practices.


In yoga, Kundalini is one of the most popular teachings about energy. Kundalini is a form of primal energy located at the base of the human spine. This ever-present, life-giving energy has been coiled up in every human since his or her birth and keeps growing with us until it is finally released back into nature as soon as the person dies. While this energy lies dormant in most humans, this energy can be unlocked with yoga and meditation. 

How to access and unlock Kundalini.

Basically, Kundalini is awakened by two approaches:

  • The passive approach.

  • The active approach.

The Passive Approach

This is when one awakens or attempts to awaken Kundalini by removing the hindrances to its awakening. This approach deals with letting go and surrendering to Kundalini itself. This is what you are actually trying to do (unconsciously) when you meditate. 

The Active Approach

This is when one awakens or tries to awaken Kundalini by actively attempting to induce the experience. This is done with a by a series of yoga practices and is always best done with a competent instructor. 

What does awaking Kundalini feel like?

The experience of awakening Kundalini is usually different from practitioner to practitioner. Though practitioners may share experiences, it is important to realize that there are a variety of  experiences that may happen.

One thing all experiences of Kundalini have in common, however, is a feeling of energy flowing through and into the body. This energy might be soothing or invigorating, or even pull you into a trance.

Kundalini is actually something we experience every day, it’s just that most people have trouble identifying and activating it. You feel it when you meditate, when you are about to go to sleep, or even when you kiss a loved one. That feeling of untapped energy, that light shining gently but surely… That’s Kundalini. All you need to do is learn to awaken it.

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