Yoga Holidays Costa Rica - Experience Home away from Home

Nowadays it's becoming very hard for anyone living in a city to have a stress-free life. Almost any little job you do makes you tired. People try a lot of things to improve their lifestyle, from daily walks in the park to expensive holidays in exotic places, but one of the best ways to relax and get rid of all your worries is practicing yoga. It's well known that yoga has helped people suffering from anxiety , stress also drug addiction, alcohol abuse or severe depression. It can also help you lose weight and tone your muscles. In other words, it is very beneficial for both body, mind and soul. Yoga has become a popular activity around the world, so it's not at all difficult to find yoga retreats around you. Surely after a couple of sessions you'll be convinced of the positive effects it has.

But if you truly want to practice yoga as a way to recharge your batteries, a yoga holiday is what you need. There's nothing better after a long hard year of work and stress than a week spent at a yoga retreat. Here, you will be able to finally enjoy tranquility and peace of mind, physical therapies and relaxation, all carefully guided by professional yoga teachers and wellness practioners.

Imagine all the benefits of an all-inclusive spa combined with spiritual relaxation and meditation. Before packing those bags and heading for a yoga holiday retreat, think of where you will get the most of your holiday. Yoga holidays Costa Rica is an ideal holiday destination because of:


Located in a breath-taken and calm atmosphere, experience yoga at its best on the beautiful coastal beach of Costa Rica. Yoga is a practice for the body wellness and soul. To enjoy quality healing therapies and also listening to beautiful sounds from exotic birds and serene atmosphere is a plus. Sunflower retreat yoga holiday Costa Rica has all it takes to make your yoga holiday a memorable one.  You'll find yourself surrounded by beautiful sights and natural landscapes, admiring rain forest and sunsets on a beach on the pacific coast, while improving your yoga techniques. 

Holistic Therapy.

Being part of our main feature, we offer holistic massage treatments to blend the yoga we practice for a complete body and soul wellness. Sunflower retreat offers a wide variety of massage therapy with the use of 100% natural body friendly products. With a team of qualified staff around the world, enjoy your yoga holiday in a warm and relaxing environment. We offer holistic therapies such as:

Holistic and Ayurvedic Massages, Sunflower Retreats' Ultimate Healing Treatment, Bamboo massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy using pure essential oils, Chakra balancing, Reiki and Smudging sessions and natural facials too.

Sunflower holistic massage therapies are done using 100% natural products for a natural body and soul wellness. Yoga holidays Costa Rica offers you the chance to connect with nature at an affordable price on a truly relaxing and serene environment near the beautiful Rain forests of Costa Rica on your next yoga holiday. There are many other activities to do apart from yoga. At our resort, you will have the opportunity to meet other yogis and holiday makers from around the world. Plus, the soirees are just so fascinating, with good music to take your stress away. It is not wrong to say a Yoga holiday Costa Rica at Sunflower retreat is home away from home.

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