Holistic Holiday - For Body & Soul Wellness

Have you taken a holiday recently? And when we talk of a holiday, is that our normal 5-days, 6 countries kind of holiday which leaves you more tired than before you start your holiday!

No. When we say a holiday retreat, we mean a holistic holiday that lets you become freshed and rejuvenated instead of being more tired and exhausted.

Holistic holidays have been popular for decades now. Basically, you land in the one-holiday spot and spend the next 1 to 2 weeks in the same spot; without having to rush from place to place or have planes and trains to catch.

Typical of these holistic holidays include, Yoga & Meditation, Holistic spa treatments, mountains, seaside, and nature a real wellness retreat holiday experience.

These holidays were well known to be for the rich and famous. But today, more and more people are getting to seek holistic holidays away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the newest types of holiday retreats is detox and holistic holidays, which basically include a quiet holiday spot with additional holistic therapies that may include a healthy diet, massage, meditation, exercises, cleansing and Ayurvedic treatments. Such holiday retreats are located in a sunny beautiful beach, jungle or a cool mountaintop.

These holistic treatment holiday centers can be anywhere in the world but seem to be primarily concentrated in breath-taken locations & countries like Costa Rica and Italy.


Along with Yoga and massages, cleansing treatments during such holiday retreats is also gaining popularity. Basically, you are given a healthy vegetarian diet throughout your holiday in a holistic retreat and subjected to various holistic treatments that can include reflexology and massage treatment. There may also be Yoga practices and techniques to help you calm and clear your mind and soul as well. These Yogic practices are usually done with the help of qualified yoga teachers from all over the world.

It is believed that our bodies include toxins accumulated over the years due to the food we eat and the air we breathe. These toxins in our bodies cause us to become unwell, fall sick easily or feel stressed even if we do not exactly fall sick. A proper holistic holiday will help get rid of such toxins in our body. With additional diet awareness , deep massages and healthy exercises – you will be sure to come back home clean, relieved, rejuvenated and refreshed from such holistic retreat holidays. If and when you can, make the time and budget for such a holistic holiday. You will be surprised by how much such holistic treatments can do for your body and soul, especially if you come from a stressful work or home environment.


So, the next time you make plans for a holiday, do consider a holistic holiday retreat instead of the hustle and bustle of a guided tour or a city to city tour as most people seem to prefer. Sunflower retreat has been providing quality holistic holiday retreat in various breath-taken locations like Costa Rica and Italy for many years.

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