Yoga Retreats

Yoga is group of mental, spiritual and mental practices with its origin in India from as early as the 5th century BC, despite its origination from the East, it has become one of the most practiced form of exercise in the world because of its known effectiveness as a form of fitness. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to stretch out the body and make the mind and soul healthier.

One of the beauties of yoga is that it can be practiced in any place of choice, the fact that there are numerous forms of yoga where you can pick the style that best suit you even make it more comfortable and enjoyable to practice. This is why there are numerous varieties of yoga practices, goals and schools in Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Although there numerous types of yoga practices all over the world, the most popular remains Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Yoga has been known to give a form of relief to a wide range of diseases including asthma, cancer and schizophrenia. It is also popular among the physically challenged. Its wholesome package as a form of exercise and mind therapy has made it appealing to people from different works of life

Because of its popularity, it has become one of the most viable businesses, yoga instructors help interested individuals to learn and practice yoga to make their mind and body fit. One of the  most popular ways to enjoys the benefits of yoga is through yoga retreats, this involves a period of days set aside as holiday for interested individuals to enjoy the transformative power of yoga  and meditation sessions as well as use the opportunity to reinvigorate their mind, spirit and body in an enchanting environment. This is different from any kind of vacation, while yoga retreat might seem pricey, there is a lot more value added to the retreat.

Yoga retreats usually include a combination of vegetarian and organic menus as well as personal growth workshop to help you develop yourself and make you a better person by inspiring your mind, motivating your body and making your heart lighter. All programs in many yoga retreats are targeted at enriching your life with an unforgettable yoga experience. 

There are numerous places in the world to visit for yoga retreats, one of the best places for quality yoga experience like never before is sunflower retreats. Sunflower retreats are based both in Italy and Costa Rica. Sunflower retreats have been offering yoga lovers from all over the world an exciting and enlightening yoga experience since 1998, hence it has built a professional brand for itself as one of the best and fulfilling places to be for yoga retreats lovers. For lovers of daily yoga classes’ delicious organic cuisine and private place for rest, sunflower retreats is absolutely the right place to be. The location in both Costa Rica and Italy are known for their quiet and serene environment where you can enjoy and practice yoga peacefully with other yoga lovers like you.

Generally, yoga retreats are not just geared at performing yoga alone, they offer and exclusive and interesting way to establish and maintain relationships and live a better life.