Yoga Vacations In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been a favorite travel destination of explorers, with its beautiful beaches, verdant cloud forests, and exciting volcanoes, this costal country has many adventures to offer. It’s also the perfect setting for yoga lovers. The stunning vistas provide an ideal backdrop for soul-cleansing yoga sessions. If you are a yoga aficionado looking to unwind, consider a Costa Rica vacation. Costa Rica is a haven for travelers looking for adventure, from zip lining at Salvatura Park to hiking through Monteverde, Costa Rica offers a number of exciting physical activities. After a day of excitement, yoga is the perfect way to relax. It helps you stretch tired muscles and decompresses after a day full of excitement. Morning yoga classes can also help prepare you for the strenuous activities to come. Yoga helps boost energy, giving you the motivation you need to live your life to the fullest.

A Costa Rica yoga holiday is more than just a trip away from home; it is a way to experience the practice of yoga in the peaceful, serene natural beauty of the rainforest. Take your yoga skills to the next level as you breathe the ocean air deeply and enjoy the sounds of rainforest, your Costa Rica yoga vacation will be an opportunity to reach within and embrace your true self while at the same time reaching out to embrace the iguana that’s sauntering by. When you have achieved a peaceful state of enlightenment, trade your mat for a board and hit the waves because with more than eight hundred miles of shoreline, your Costa Rica yoga experience is just getting started! If your Costa Rica journey requires quieter pursuits, the jungle offers amazing opportunities for bird watching and hiking as you search for monkeys, toucans, parrots, reclusive rainforests sloth. A great yoga session will prepare your mind to concentrate on your swing as Costa Rica boasts world class golf courses and day spas. Of course the best way to cap off a perfect day of yoga is to take a dip in one of the Costa Rica’s famed natural waterfalls. End your day of yoga and adventure by strolling on the beach at sunset, you are at peace, you are enlightened, you are on a Costa Rica yoga holiday!!!

Costa Rica is also a great place to find healthy and delicious dining. Many resorts make available fresh organic live- food meals, raw juices and smoothies that contain biogenic (high life force), key vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These meals have the benefit of neutralizing toxic acidity, improving the micro-electrical tension in body tissue and improving ability to absorb nutrients and excrete waste. You can combine all of these luxurious experiences into one by visiting one of Costa Rica’s destination spas. The packages usually involve visits to local sights and fun activities such as river floats. In conclusion, the majority of the spas or retreats are very spendy and the atmosphere is the largest offering.