Why choose a Yoga holiday in Costa Rica?

The Popularity of Yoga

Yoga holidays have become more popular in the last five years and Costa Rica provides a great location for them, with its fabulous endless beaches, beautiful jungles and wildlife. Practising yoga in the tranquil setting of Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience.

Sunflower Retreats has offered yoga holidays in Costa Rica for the last two years and we have enjoyed every minute of it. There is something special about Central and Southern America which helps you enhance your spirituality with famous places such as Machu Pichu not far in Peru. Our home will always be the yoga retreat in Casperia, Italy but Costa Rica doesn't make a bad second home.

To Relax

The main goal of the yoga science is to connect and harmonize with our inner nature or atman, which is said to be a reflection of the divine or source. Our yoga retreats and yoga holidays embrace yoga and meditation techniques each day. By practicing yoga we become more aware of our inner nature or atman so to see ourselves as a reflection of the divine.

Many of the techniques or yoga Asana (yoga positions) in are named after animals, plants and aspects of nature - guiding us to the ultimate goal of harmonizing with Mother Nature. This makes practicing yoga in this beautiful country so powerful, as when you practice you are surrounded by a huge variety of tropical birds and animals such as monkeys, deer,raccoons and wonderful Central American flora.


Meditation with the sounds of the birds lifts your spirits and reconnects you to Mother Nature making you feel part of nature, not separate.

The food in Costa Rica is perfect for yoga and wellness holidays, the main diet being rice and beans with a wonderful choice of tasty, nutritious vegetables and freshly caught fish.