Yoga Vacation Hot-Spots: Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

We all know that deciding on the location for a yoga vacation can be just as important as choosing when to go on said vacation. Just as choosing the wrong date for a vacation can ruin the entire time you spent on planning for that vacation, choosing the wrong location can ruin the entire experience for you.

Simply making the wrong choice when deciding on where you would like to spend the duration of your vacation time can lead to a complete disaster. Seriously, if you don’t know what that is like already, we pray you never find out from first-hand experience. Believe it when we say this: It can be a horrible experience.

If you, like us, have had this awful experience before, however, you know just how important it is to make sure you do NOT make this sort of mistake again.

How To Pick The Best Locations For Your Yoga Vacations

To make sure you do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong location for your yoga vacation (again), this is the first thing to do: 

Be active about searching for the right location.

Not playing an active role in searching for the right location for their yoga vacation is the first mistake most people make when trying to choose a location for their vacations. Take our words on this one, we’ve fallen prey to this too!

When you do not take an active role in searching for the right place, most times you end up with just being anywhere. You probably just chose the first place you heard about that seems “nice”, or simply chose somewhere based on what a colleague said at work.

Now, while the probability exists that the location you were told was nice, the probability that you could find much better locations is much higher. So why take your chances with nice when you can get much better? You’d find that if you simply take your time to actively search, you’d find that location that is just perfect.

Looking for the perfect location for your next yoga retreat and would rather not make a mistake this time? Here’s our suggestion: Choose CABO BLANCO NATURE RESERVE.

Why Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve?

Here’s the simple answer: Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve has all the qualities of the perfect location for a yoga vacation.

Located in the absolutely magical republic of Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is Costa Rica’s longest established nature reserve. 

Covering over 12 square kilometers of land and 17 square kilometers of marine, with a diversity of plants, trees, wildlife, and ecosystems, this location has so much to offer you. 

At Cabo Blanco, you get:

●     Beautiful natural scenery

●     A tranquil environment for practicing yoga and relaxing your body and mind

●     Safe and secure accommodations

●     Healthy living

●     The possibility of having a memorable experience

●    Sunflower Retreats to help improve your skills in yoga


If you ever find yourself in need of a location for your next yoga vacation (or any vacation for that matter), make sure to take an active effort to actually find the perfect place for you. One of these perfect places is the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. 

Thinking of giving Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve a try? Then contact Sunflower Retreats today to make bookings for a yoga vacation at Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

Yoga Holidays in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica

The practice of yoga is so much more than a path to physical well-being; it is part of a journey to an enlightened mind, a calm spirit and a gracious – and graceful – heart. The flow of poses in a yoga routine – from Mountain pose to Tree pose, Warrior to Lotus to Child's Pose – represents the flow of nature's energy as it inspires and relaxes the body, frees the mind and nourishes the soul.

At Sunflower Retreats, we believe in taking that journey in the heart of a breathtaking environment, and that's what the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica offers. Together we will explore the region's natural bounty while we share with you the knowledge and insights that are part of the yoga experience. Our team of instructors are helpful and wise, and impart these lessons to you with grace and – just as importantly – good humour! There is no judgment at Sunflower Retreats, only friendly, welcoming people who enthusiastically share their experience and joy in the practice and power of yoga.

At Sunflower Retreats, our focus is your wellness and spiritual enlightenment, but we want you to have fun, too! Your schedule of classes can be as full or as light as you wish; we curate your time based on your wants and needs. If you're not a morning person, that's okay; take a class on the beach at sunset. But if dawn is your best time, the time of day when you flourish, we have a before-breakfast class that will suit you to a tee. And speaking of breakfast... all our meals are organic and locally sourced, which means we ensure you get the finest, freshest foods on your plate each and every day.

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of Costa Rica's most spectacular regions, so you may want to take a day (or two!) to explore it by yourself, or with a new friend from the retreat. That's okay – this yoga holiday is about you, for you and your well being, and that's defined by you. Everyone, from a novice yoga practitioner to the most experienced yogi, will find satisfaction and joy at our retreat and just as vitally, you'll find new friends, too. We truly offer something for everyone in our “yogasphere!”

Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in fantastic Costa Rica. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about cuisine, flights, accommodations, and more. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreat yoga holiday is going to be one of the best yoga experiences you'll ever have. Visit us and book your reservations today at

We look forward to making your yoga holiday an unforgettable one!


Cabuya, Costa Rica is a little fishing village on the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula that is enjoyed by nature lovers of all kinds – hikers, runners, water enthusiasts, and bird watchers. Now Cabuya is home to the latest Sunflower Retreats' yoga holiday destination, and you're invited!

Cabuya is famous for its glorious beaches, its azure waters, spectacular natural surroundings and calm way of life. It is the perfect spot to gather for a retreat, and we want to invite you to join us for an adventure, to learn about and practice yoga with other like-minded folks. Our instructors are well-versed in the ways of yoga, its physical aspects and its spiritual elements. We bring together people who want to learn yoga for the first time, those who want to enhance their skill level, and those who want to master a particular pose or sequence of poses! No matter your level of expertise, we have the retreat for you. And it all happens in a tropical setting unlike any other. Imagine waking up, stretching into “cobra” or folding yourself into “lotus” with the warm, bright sun shining down on your skin. Or saying “goodnight” and retiring to your cottage to practice “tree pose” beside a swaying palm. Then curl into “child's pose” or “happy baby,” before saying farewell to the rolling, blue waves...until morning, that is.

Our experienced instructors will lead you through the most gentle or the most challenging poses, and help you modify each one, depending on your abilities and skill level. They offer personal attention and encouragement with good humour and absolutely no judgment. Whether you are a seasoned yoga pro or a brand new pupil, Sunflower Retreats has the yoga holiday for you. 

All that work (and fun, too!) takes sustenance, and we provide you with all fresh, organic meals to fuel you throughout the day. And if your muscles get a little sore from a vigorous session? Not to worry... we have Ayurvedic holistic treatments available that will ease any tension or aches. Our practitioners are skilled, sympathetic and effective at using therapeutic techniques to ease what ails you, so you can get back in to work on your “bridge” and “crane” and “bow” poses!

Sunflower Retreats has been bringing yoga enthusiasts together since 1998... that's more than two decades of satisfying retreats in Costa Rica and Italy; happy guests who have shared fulfilling journeys, good, healthy food and warm sunshine!  Friendships you make during one of our retreats are relationships that last a lifetime; you share the bond of yoga, and the memory of a trip to Cabuya that created wonderful memories. But don't just take our word – please take a moment to read our guests' reviews, and you'll see that they agree!

 Please visit our website, meet our instructors and learn more about our yoga holidays in beautiful Cabuya, Costa Rica. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about flights, accommodations, cuisine, and more. We can promise you this: a Sunflower Retreats yoga holiday is going to be one of the best yoga experiences you'll ever have. Please visit us at for answers to these and any other questions you may have. We look forward to greeting you!


Finally decided to take that much-needed break from work or school? Decided you need a bit of time to rest? Then good for you! Really. You just made a decision you would find yourself benefiting from in the nearest future.

With how busy the world has become these days, we notice more and more people finding it hard to just take a break and relax. Really relax. There always seems to be more to do, more to attend to, more to pay attention to. This is exactly why a break is important, and deciding to take one is a very good idea.

The Perfect Break

Why settle for just any break, however, when you can get something better? 

While a break is what you need, not just any break would do. You are not simply taking a break for no reason, after all,  you are taking it because you need it. You need it to restore the energy that consistent work/study has taken from you. You need it to refresh both your body and mind. For this, a simple break would not be sufficient.

So what next? If a break is what you need, but a simple break wouldn’t do, then what will?  What exactly is this perfect break we offer? The answer is simple. What you need is a holistic holiday!

Holistic Holidays

So what is this holistic holiday we offer? 

To put it simply, a holistic holiday is any holiday designed to pamper and nourish the body, relax the mind, and uplift the spirit. It is the ultimate relaxation experience where you not only get a break but get restored and ready to get back to work. 

Now, I know what you are thinking: Is this really any different from any other holiday? Here’s the honest and simple answer: Yes; It is!

The Benefits Of Holistic Holidays

Honestly, the difference between holistic holidays and regular holidays are quite numerous. There is just so much to gain from this type of holiday that a regular holiday can’t provide you. These benefits are divided into two major categories:

●     Physical/Health Benefits

●     Mental/Emotional Benefits 

Physical/Health Benefits

Holistic holidays are known to provide more physical benefits than regular holidays. While on a regular holiday you might get to rest and have some fun, holistic holidays give you more than that.

With holistic holidays you get benefits that help you both physically and medically. In fact, this type of holiday was designed with these benefits in mind. From the healthy meals you’d be eating to the exercises designed to keep you in shape and improve your overall fitness, you can be sure that when the holiday is over, you’ll be better off!

Mental/emotional benefits

Also, holistic holidays do not only improve your physical wellbeing but also your mental and emotional wellbeing. Unlike regular holidays, holistic holidays do not only refresh you, but also revert the effect of the accumulated stress weeks upon weeks of work/study must have filled you with.

A simple week of holistic holiday would do you unbelievable wonders. Don’t take it from me though, seeing is believing after all. Why not try out holistic holidays and find out for yourself?

Think this perfect break is just what you need? Then visit Sunflower Retreats and experience a holiday like no other you’ve ever taken.

Why You Need To Go On A Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Have you ever been to the absolutely magical Republic of Costa Rica?
Have you seen its magnificent beaches or relaxed under its night of a million stars?
Have you tasted the delicacies native to this magical place or witnessed the wonders of its scenery?
If your answer to any of these questions is “No”, then there is a lot you are missing. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Costa Rica is an absolutely magical place. This country is just that beautiful! Blessed with natural scenery that only a few other places in the world can boast of, Costa Rica has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  

Yet, that’s not all. The beauty is not just what makes Costa Rica special. When we say Costa Rica is blessed by nature, we don’t just mean in beauty alone, but in the sheer variety of its beauty. It is one thing to have beautiful beaches or waterfalls or hills and valleys or islands or even parks. It is another however to have allof these things together. This is exactly why Costa Rica is so special, and why if you haven’t experienced it, you’re missing something really magical.

Reasons To Visit Costa Rica

Are you interested in Costa Rica and want to find out more? Did you come here for that exact reason? If so, then you have come to the right place! Below are a few reasons why you should absolutely visit Costa Rica:

 1.    The Scenery

Believe it when we say there is almost nowhere better when it comes to scenery than Costa Rica. Virtually everything is magnificent about this place, and when we say everything, we meaneverything. From the various wonderful beaches all around the country to the many picturesque parks, and everything else in-between, there’s no doubting the magnitude of the scenic beauty of Costa Rica.

2.   The Wildlife

Here is something else special about Costa Rica: the wildlife. With over 20 percent of the country protected by national parks and reserves, this means a lot of wildlife still remain undisturbed and in their natural habitat─the only place you could find them at their best. In Costa Rica, you can get to witness just this. This doesn’t apply only to the land animals, too. You could also watch the various aquatic animals, including whales in their natural habitat!

3.   The Tranquility

This is yet another thing special about Costa Rica: Its peaceful nature. Costa Rica is not one of those noisy tourist attraction centers where you can’t get any peace and quiet. Costa Rica is as tranquil as it is beautiful, making it very easy to actually rest and relax.

Costa Rica has all this to offer, and then some. Honestly, no description can really do this place justice. You just need to see it for yourself. Think this is a good idea, visit Sunflower Retreats to find out more about going on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.