Womens Wellness Retreats

Sometimes, it feels as if life is fraught with numerous challenges that we cannot overcome. From challenging careers to motherhood to keeping our respective homes running efficiently, while coping with other activities of life, it can feel as though we have completely neglected taking good care of ourselves. 

Hit pause on life’s activities and give yourself a treat to one of these wellness retreats that would be highlighted in this article. Leave behind everyday stress and woes and be in the company of like-minded women who will help you feel rejuvenated. You will definitely have a relaxing time at any womens wellness retreats. 

The intention of this article is to explore the best  womens wellness retreats that you should get yourself rejuvenated at. At www.sunflowerretreats.com, we guarantee you of seamless pleasure while robbing minds with other like-minded individuals at our wellness retreat.

Yoga Retreats and soul wellness retreats for women for the mind body & soul, a range of yoga styles and Ayurvedic Holistic treatments in  beautiful locations in Italy and Costa Rica. Sunflower Retreats offers an alternative holiday to that of big resorts; a retreat for women who prefer an authentic, more natural, grounding and holistic holiday experience.


Wondering how to participate in any of the above-highlighted womens wellness retreats? Then let us help you. At www.sunflowerretreats.com, we assure you of a relaxing time and a memorable experience. Contact us today!

Women Retreat 40 Plus

In recent times, more and more women are deciding to take retreats rather than regular vacations. According to the author of Shameless, and founder of the America Fertility Association, Pamela Madsen, she said that women are in a quest to gain more from their time off, especially if they are somewhere close to 40 years old.

Madsen says “These women are on a mission to find something bigger in their own lives. And though retreats can be pricey, for many women, taking a retreat is not considered a luxury item. Instead, taking a retreat has become a part of their ritual self-car e; carefully scheduled into their yearly calendar.” 

As a woman, you are determined on getting an education, being successful in your chosen career, and staying healthy while doing it.

You want to be a good mom to your children and a good wife to your husband, and you also want to keep taking care of your parents.

All of this can leave you feeling tired and exhausted, to the point where you need more than just a few days off. There is a need for you to find a way to recharge. A retreat at Sunflower Retreats wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Sunflower Retreats offers health packages, natural medical services, life management, food and nutrition classes, massages and body work, energy balancing treatments such as Reiki and so on .

Our wellness spa and treatments are some of the largest in the world. If you’re looking for a good stress-relieving yoga program, Sunflower Retreats is the place to go. You can benefit from the daily yoga classes, world standard natural foods, cuisine, massages, and healing arts, and so much more.

Reasons to Take a Retreat with Sunflower Retreats

Self Care: A woman is no good to anyone when she feels been exhausted and burnt out. With our restorative retreat at Sunflower Retreats, you can again be that supermom. We leave you ready to be your old self again, which may be a great blessing to those around you.

Healing: If you’ve come through a difficult personal experience lately, like divorce or the death of loved ones.  A retreat at Sunflower Retreats might be just what you need to process those difficult experiences.

Spiritual Renewal: Women like feeling connected to something beyond themselves. Explore and deepen your relationship with nature at Sunflower Retreats. Our beautiful natural garden can bring you that much needed inner peace.

Female Connections: A retreat at Sunflower Retreats offers you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women. The connections you make at a retreat can sustain you in a unique way.

Experience Something New: A retreat at Sunflower Retreats gives you the perfect excuse to try something different. Step out of your comfort zone and experience yourself in a new dimension. You’ll see new things, experience a new way of living, and give yourself the options of how you may want to make changes when you return back home. You may want to include more medication into your daily life or program a regular massage a couple of times a month. In other words, a retreat at Sunflower Retreats can change your life is a positive way.

Holistic Holiday

The act of going for a vacation in order to improve one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is an old conception. Today, the words 'wellness' and 'vacation' are spoken in the same breath with unmatched frequency. Over the past decade, this kind of vacation has become unbelievably diverse and democratized.

Are you thinking about breathing in new life, seeking out new skills and having fun in beautiful locations that are all about revitalizing and inspiring? 

Revitalize your well-being with our worldwide collection of spiritual and holistic health retreats.

Let us put your journey on the right track with our professional medical, fitness and psychological consultations, where wellness experts will shape your stay to restore balance and revive your energy. We center your healthy vacation on healing your mind, body and soul with our various specialist Ayurvedic spa treatments, holistic therapies like Reiki, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. These go together with a variety of health and fitness classes such as yoga to nurse your body back to health and mediation to sooth your spirit.

Some questions you need to ask before choosing a wellness vacation

What additional programs or activities are available?

Holistic treatments, horse riding, paddle boarding, surf lessons, cycling, trekking, canopy trails, snorkeling, fishing, quad or motorbike hire, nature trails and wildlife watching. 

Our professional yogis will teach you how to de-stress and keep balance so that you can practice back at home. Spend evenings at the resort's pool and unwind with exercise and herbal tea. The programs are designed to meet your desires and you can decide how little or how much you want to do. Return home re-energized, completely stress free and fully energized.

Is the cost of the vacation inclusive? Any extra fees? – yoga daily is included, yes, and breakfast and meals too. There are extra costs such as holistic treatments, horse riding, surf lessons and other extra activities to choose from if desired .

Are the staff qualified, either by education, training or experience to provide the services being offered? Our staff are very professional and they are on ground to offer you good quality service. They are experienced, well trained and well exposed. They are well versed and up to date in their respective areas.

Are the programs being offered a good match for my health and activity levels? Connect your mind, body and soul as you learn how to balance your life with the Holistic Healing program, and fully embrace the peace at the luxurious wellness retreat, holistic therapies, world –class nutritious food, massages, yoga, hiking and backpacking trips and many more.


You can get the latest health and wellbeing information from Sunflower Retreats. We provide advice on all travel arrangements and pre-holiday preparation. Get the latest expert information about our wellness glossary, our advice area offers the most complete resource for your inside knowledge.

Yoga Holidays Montezuma

Montezuma is a remote town in Costa Rica, famous for its long strech dazzling white-sand beach, Playa Montezuma. To the north, through jungle and secluded coves lies the popular surf beach, Playa Grande.

Behind the beach is another Montezuma attraction centre: Romelia Wildlife Reserve - a turtle sanctuary and hatchery. Montezuma waterfall is definitely something to write home about, with its series of cascades and natural pools.

Apart from its beautiful raw nature scenes, its quiet, yet vibrant nature, and a Bohemian feel, is why it is a perfect getaway location for couples, young families or people looking to experience a perfect yoga holiday.

A yoga holiday is a fusion of yoga practice and holiday. You're practically on an holiday except you have yoga classes about twice a day to help you achieve the self-connection, self-knowledge or self-awareness that seem impossible to achieve in your natural environment due to one unavoidable factor or another.

A yoga holiday lets you relax and have as much freedom as a tourist while practising yoga in a serene and calm environment. 

Sunflower Retreats' yoga holidays located within a 90-hectare private reserve next to Cabo Blanco National Park - the longest established nature reserve in Costa Rica with a diversity of plants, trees and wildlife - has been giving visitors the best of service since 1998.

From within the resort's private mile-and-a-half long jungle trail -on foot or horseback - you get an epic view of the jungle, the rolling hills, fascinating mountains and creeks, with some lookout points from where you can enjoy panoramic views to the Pacific ocean and beaches of Mal Pais and discover the amazing jungle wildlife with raw nature as your host.

The scenic beaches of Mal Pais, are just a mile away downhill, while buzzing San Teresa, with some of Costa Rica's most popular surf points, restaurants and shops is a fifteen minute drive from the lodge.

We have a team of qualified yoga teachers from all over the world teaching a variety of yoga styles and providing the very best in yoga classes that sees everyone's spiritual need catered to. We intend to help you create the positive energy that facilitates your soul's wellness. 

There are Ayurvedic holistic treatments conducted in a warm, safe and healing environment in a purpose- built treatment shala, by local and international staff to complement our yoga. We offer Sunflower Retreats' Ultimate Healing Treatment, Bamboo massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy using pure essential oils, Chakra balancing, to Reiki and Smudging sessions among others.

Non-yoga practitioners are also welcome at Sunflower Retreats. Our wide range of holiday activities goes from surfing, paddle-boarding and diving, horseriding, fishing, walks, treks, nature tours and birdwatching,  among others.

It is a yoga holiday your way so our prices are very reasonable. We provide you with:

Accommodation in an en-suite bedroom, fresh linen and towels, room clean every other day and change of towels, five ninety-minute morning yoga classes (Friday through Tuesday) per six-night holiday, three afternoon yoga and meditation classes of one hour per six-night holiday, use of yoga mats, breakfast each day,five dinners, serving vegetarian cuisine and some local fish, a guided Sunday walk, uUnlimited use of the pool, Jacuzzi and Wi-Fi. There is also a maid service on ground to ensure that you get all the help you need to make your yoga holiday memorable.

Yoga holidays at Sunflower Retreats are bound to leave you fulfilled, and coming back for more.


Yoga Holiday Mal Pais

Every worker looks up to their job vacation. This is due to the fact that it is always a time to go outside your normal routine life and have fun for yourself. A well spent vacation is usually a wonderful experience and people don’t like parting a way with such memory.

Your vacation could be the only time you have in a year for focus and self reflection. You should be able to discover your inner being and how to always be in a state of peace. The best time to discover this is during vacation. This is why most people around the world are taking it yoga holiday very serious. 

Yoga holiday is a short or long holiday people take so as to practice the act of yoga outside their place of residence. The excess of this is to be more focused, more serious and an opportunity to meet with people from all works of life. 

Sunflower Retreats is always passionate about making your vacation a wonderful one. It will be fun and interesting as our yoga holiday will be in Mal Pais. Several yoga asana will be carried out and these yoga exercises are tailored towards making you more flexible and healthier. It is a known fact among our past students that our yoga holidays are always an unforgettable and joyful experience. 

Mal Pais is a small peaceful neighborhood , the surface scene of this environment is astonishing and it has several hotels, bars .

Due to the amazing environment and the natural features of Mal Pais  it has become one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica.  Mal Pai has sandy and a rocky coast lines and has volcanic formations that always create a unique and heart melting scene. 

Sunflower reserve takes advantage of this natural environment and conduct yoga holiday for their students over there. They have a team of great Yoga instructors who ensure that every participant of the holiday program gets exceptional value for the money spent on the adventure. It is not all about Yoga alone, but it is an opportunity to explore the natural environment of Mal Pais and the surrounding area. 

When in Mal Pais, you will have the opportunity to ride horses at the lodges stables and have a good sight of the beach and other natural environment around the area on horseback. There are several places when you can eat amazing food .

We are certain of the fact that you will have a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation if you subscribe to our yoga holiday program in Mal Pais. It is a perfect opportunity to meet people and practice yoga in an amazing natural setting. This group yoga practice is also very fun and interesting, making you wish the holiday was for eternity.

Yoga Holiday Mal Pais is a carefully planned and organised program that will make every second in Mal Pais worth it.

It is a perfect opportunity for you to go out and forget your worries for a while. This will make you to be healthy and happy and more relaxed.