Yoga Teacher Profiles

Profiles for our yoga teachers appear on the Booking page for each week, as they become available, but if you'd like to select your week based on the teacher, rather than the date, you can read about each of our teachers here

The benefits of Yoga are immense & Yoga goes far beyond the Body in a Yoga pose , its about the soul connecting to Shakti ( earth- nature ) & to Shiva - sky ( Universe ) - The Atman a place beyond the Ego - your likes & dislikes, the mind & emotional chatter, the lower self , it a place where your true nature connects to Nature & existence its self

September 21st - 27th & October 19th - 25th - Rosi Robertazzi


Rosi Robertazzi, from Italy,  specializes in promoting wellness through yoga, art and nature.

She has studied and practiced traditional Kung Fu, Tai chi and Qi gong for twelve years and has been a trainer facilitating a range of classes such as yoga and bodywork, movement and voice improvisation, and themed art classes. 

Rosi currently teaches yoga, Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga and Chair Yoga in Sabina, Italy and has been teaching yoga integrated with Thai massage in a way intended to merge, in a harmonizing dance, the individual’s body, mind and spirit. This holistic experience brings the body and mind into the ideal conditions to reach the deeper dimensions of spirit. Her lessons are are designed in a lively, entertaining and creative way.

“Our yoga practice enhances self-awareness, concentration and focus, increases flexibility and balance, and promotes health and well-being.
It also develops relaxation, self-confidence, enthusiasm, determination, perseverance, courage and sharing.”
— Rosi

September 28th - October 11th - Dhanya Costantini

Dhanya started to practice yoga in 1999 and has embraced it since, embedding it into her life forevermore. She moved from her native Italy to London in 2000 and since 2013 she has been running her own business, Dhanyaomyoga, having been certified as a 200-hours Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance. Her Vinyasa Flow has many influences, from Ashtanga to Jivamukt and lately Prana Flow. However, the basis for correct body alignment and making poses accessible to everybody comes from her first yoga experience with the Iyengar method.

Dhanya is currently studying for a further Advanced qualification with the Aditya school of London, from where she is going to bring her deep understanding of the Chakra system, into her classes and workshops. 

She is both a dedicated teacher and student of the old discipline that is Yoga: practising it, enjoying it, and passing on its multiple benefits, including better posture and pain-free bonds, agility, vitality, mental clarity, serenity and strength of character, to cite some.

In her wider life, she is a divorced mother of two teenage boys. She holds a degree in Social Science with the Environment and has previously worked for a large media corporation. She has now dedicated her life and career to yoga.

My wish is to empower people with the teaching of this amazing discipline that is yoga. To transmit the joy and relief of the everyday practice, making you feel amazing in your body, mind and soul.
— Dhanya

12th - 18th October - Lisa Quish

Lisa Quish, certified through Yoga Alliance, has been a popular member of our teaching team for many years.

Lisa's mom taught yoga and she grew up in a household where it was part of life. In her teens she studied ballet and contemporary dance and when she later qualified as a yoga teacher it felt like all the pieces of the puzzle had come together. Yoga like dance is about movement of the body but also works to harness the breath creating a rhythm which allows the body to flow and open to grace. When the body is bright and healthy, the mind is clear and the spirit is full one cannot but engage with the world in a lighter way.


“If you can bring a little bit of yoga into everything you do then life just becomes lighter. Like any relationship, if you invest a little you gain a lot.”
— Lisa

Lisa's style of teaching is Hatha flow with a strong foundation in correct body alignment. She continues to refine her own practice and teaching skills and has commenced a level two teacher training programme and regularly attends teaching workshops to expand her knowledge and bring her students the benefit of her learning.

As a busy business professional and yoga teacher Lisa brings a balance of reality, commitment and fun to her classes, ensuring that students get an equal amount of space and attention so they can discover the freedom and discipline that a well balanced and joyful practice brings.

26th October - 1st November - Cesare Dapiaggi


We welcome Cesare Dipiaggi, from Italy, to our team the final week of our 2017 season.

Cesare started practicing yoga assiduously in 2010, after realizing that he could play a key role in treating disorders of the bodies and the minds of people weary from years of intercontinental travel. His job as a flight attendant made him aware of the negative consequences of nights spent on shift work and of jet lag.

After making several trips to Asia, he started the discipline of Hatha yoga through a method created by Supreme Master Gabriella Cella; the first woman to bring the ancient teachings the Sivananda to Italy. After studying for more than forty years in various ashrams scattered across India, she developed the Yoga Ratna method where 'ratna' means 'the jewel' through which we uncover our true being.

Cesare teaches a path that winds through the study of the elements, the asanas that represent the many deities of the Hindu pantheon, and the 'scruti' - listening to their energy impression. Pranayama helps spread this new information in depth, through breathing, and meditation of loving kindness serves as an aid to clear our mind of all negative thoughts. 

Yama and Nyama are intended as rules of respect for ourselves and for others, to be implemented on the mat but especially outside.

That ‘s what teaches us discipline - learning to listen to ourselves and to those around us.

Om Shanti.
— Cesare

Lucy Bremner - Costa Rica

lucy bremner

Our Costa Rica weeks will be led by Lucy Bremner; the founder of Sunflower Retreats. Lucy has been a holistic practitioner in the UK and worldwide since 1988. She specialises in a wide range of body work, therapies and energy and spiritual balancing treatments such as Chakra Balancing and Reiki.

Lucy was drawn to the practice of Hatha yoga and the yoga philosophy while studying holistic therapies professionally in London in 1989. In the late 80's and early 90's, then in her twenties, she travelled independently when at that time it was not common for women to travel alone, her journey took her to Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia,Indonesia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Sudan and the USA, where she broadened her studies of yoga, Eastern philosophy and the healing arts, including the American Indian tradition and philosophy.

Lucy is a qualified Holistic Therapist and international yoga teacher, accredited by the Friends of Yoga - a society and examination body for yoga in the UK and India which is recognised by Yoga Alliance©, as an international yoga school. Over the last twenty five years she has helped thousands of people with healing therapies and with yoga instruction, either through her yoga classes and treatments, or through all she has coordinated in the yoga and healing section at Sunflower Retreats' centre in Casperia. Lucy specialises in working with womens issues and health & wellbeing and her interests also include Shamanism, Astrology, art and the study of the sacred and divine feminine.

Lucy's group yoga classes are holistic and grounding, fusing the elements of Ying and Yang, yoga asanas and practices with some flow sequences and traditional asanas so to bring balance (union) to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She loves to share and communicate the ancient knowledge of Western and Eastern traditions through the healing power of yoga and meditation and Yoga nidra, both in her classes and her treatments.

 She is a gentle teacher, encouraging and supportive in her teaching and holistic therapy work. 

A mother of two children born by natural childbirth methods, she also teaches pregnancy yoga and preparation for natural birth.

Yoga is letting go…the ability to let go of stuff that’s not important. Yoga refines your senses by giving you techniques to be in the moment. Yoga connects you to the natural world the earth ( Gaia ) , Yoga helps you to obtain more patience & Gratitude