Casperia is where it all started and we still love our village yoga holiday destination over 20 years later. So do our guests! Here's a selection of pictures of our yoga retreats in Italy.

Costa Rica

Immersed in the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise, our Costa Rica lodge is a once-in-a-lifetime yoga retreat that may turn into twice or three times when you experience it!

Cooking Up A Storm

Italian food is so much more than just pizza and spagh-bol! One of our most popular options is the afternoon cookery class, where our guest learn to take their skills to the next level and then eat the delicious results!

Hunt and Gather

Fresh olive oil - yum!.

On our autumn olive-picking outings you will participate in the whole process, from climbing trees, to pressing, to taking home some zingy green oil of your own. And Sabina olive oil is the best in the world; you knew that, right?

From our Guests with Love

Our guests take great photos and here we share the best of them with you...

Ideal Escapes' video featuring our yoga holidays in Costa Rica Rica and Italy.