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Mara Blackburn, from the UK, returns to Sperlonga to lead our yoga retreat this week.

Mara has 25 years in experience in practicing and teaching yoga. Among her skills are; the Vinyasa Flow method of Hatha yoga, a strength-based practice to warm up the body and improve blood flow which is typically practiced in the morning to invigorate and remove fatigue; Mara also practices and teaches Soma yoga, blending somatic movements with yoga asanas via specific sequences of slow, focused, yet gentle yoga movements, while incorporating Chakra Yoga which opens the seven chakras and includes meditation as a therapy through yoga poses, visualisation, affirmations and relaxation.

Mara is also a Holistic therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner.

I am passionate about yoga and use my enthusiasm and knowledge to help and inspire others.
— Mara Blackburn

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June 24th - 30th 2017 - Sperlonga, Italy

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