The picture-perfect Italian village of Casperia, our base since 1998, is situated in the heart of the Sabina mountains just north of Rome. It is totally car-free, with fewer than 350 inhabitants. The fortified medieval village has amazing panoramic views of the Sabina hills and mountain landscape from every angle.

Travel with low-cost flights to either of Rome's airports and you'll reach Casperia in a little over an hour on public transport or, for a fee, we can collect you.

Each of the houses in which Sunflower Retreats' guests stay is within a couple of minutes walk from the others and from our yoga studios, breakfast lounge and treatment rooms. Your walk will take you through the winding cobbled streets of Casperia.

The unspoilt structure and atmosphere of the village gives you a unique feeling of being in a historic place in time-gone-by: A place of natural beauty surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and forest-covered mountains where you can watch the changing scenery from every angle.

It was a great holiday, held in the most beautiful village in Italy. Lovely yoga classes - everyone was friendly. Had a great time.
— M.S., Reykjavík, Iceland - Jul 2017
A magical experience for everyone who attended.
Had such and amazing time, experienced Italian life and wellness at the same time. Thanks you!
— Isobel, 2017

Magical Casperia


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