About Our Yoga Lessons In Costa Rica or Italy?

Sunflower Retreats Holidays yoga classes are suitable for beginners as well as more practiced yogis.

Best yoga classes ever. I learned so much!

Claire, 2006

We practice in a stunning location on a hilltop, blending-in perfectly with the setting. Our yoga style is non-competitive with a down-to-earth approach, created by Sunflower Retreats founders and followed by all our guest yoga instructors. Our way of choosing our yoga teachers is unique: we expect them to be humble, genuine, non-judgmental and spiritual in their approach to their teaching, as all true yogis should be.

Our teachers teach a variety of Hatha yoga methods such as Iyengar, Kundalini, Satyananda, Sivananda, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Astanga, Yin Yoga and Divine Feminine Yoga.

Classes are held in English, on Friday through Tuesday from 08.00 to 09.30, before breakfast, with some yoga classes throughout the week outdoors in spectacular surroundings when the weather is suitable. Morning classes sometimes start at 08.30 early or late in the season. Afternoon yoga sessions are also offered three times each retreat week.

Optional Extra Yoga Classes


We offer a two-hour workshop each Saturday, in yoga, meditation and other related subjects costing €20 per person. We'll cover subjects such as Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Chakra meditation & balancing.

Our yoga deck

Outdoor yoga classes take place on our platform which is located in an oasis of green inside the village walls. It's a beautiful and serene environment, with dappled sunlight and the sound of birdsong all around.

our yoga deck

The yoga room was lovely and so was the platform outside in the garden. Truly a magic environment for yoga. I didn’t want to leave!

A. Jordan, Ireland, 2012

Our yoga studios

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When we choose to practise yoga indoors, we use our own professionally designed and restored 40 square-metre studio, which has a wooden floor, a fresh water spring and an ancient cave as a bathroom.

For larger groups, we also have a 50 square-metre professional yoga studio which has panoramic views, coconut carpeting and central heating for the winter months.

Our yoga classes are attended only by our guests; we don't include visitors.

What Our Yoga Holidays Cover

down dog yoga asana

The classes taught cover the physical teachings of Hatha yoga with emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the yoga tradition. We emphasise that yoga is not a sport and that it's important to not be competitive with yourself or others. Each yoga class is a holistic practice - a time to connect to your body, mind and inner self.
(Read more about Hatha yoga »)

Your yoga class includes:

■  Asanas (physical movements)

■  Pranayama (breathing practices)

■  Meditation (stilling and calming of the mind and inner self)

■  Relaxation (complete mind, body relaxation)

Individual Yoga Lessons

This has been the most magical and fulfilling holiday I have ever given myself. I have learnt the true essence of yoga.

Terri, USA, 2003

Individual tuition is also available, with one-to-one yoga lessons in Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation. These private classes, with the yoga teacher of the week, are great for people who would like to deepen their yoga practice or work on a yoga routine for their individual requirements.

Sunflower Retreats' Yoga Teaching Team

All of our teachers are required to have undertaken no less than two years training so that we do not rely on 'fast-track' yoga certification.

Maija Klamer, yoga teacher

“For me yoga is all about the experience of freedom, love, space and grounding.
It is about connecting seemingly opposite energies and returning to our true nature. Anything that we give our focus, will grow.
During this lovely retreat we can give to ourselves all of the loving and nurturing that we sometimes forget in our busy daily lives.”

We welcome Maija Klamer, from the Netherlands, to our team to teach with us from September 15th to 28th.

With a background in dance and body language, movement is a natural way for Maija to express herself and to understand people. Maija was inspired by various international teachers such as Shiva Rea, Simon Park and David Lurey and went on to complete over three hundred hours of Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Amsterdam in 2010.

At the beginning of 2015 Maija stayed in a Tantra Yoga ashram in Goa where she fell even more deeply in love with yoga and the rich Tantric culture. Back in the Netherlands she started studying Tantric-Ayurvedic body-work, which has deepened her understanding of the body, mind and emotional structures. She is currently training at the Tantra Academy in Amsterdam in Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage and Marma points.

Maija says:
““I feel it is a great privilege to be able to help people relax, energize and open their hearts to the beauty of existence. In my yoga classes we will work with different yoga styles and techniques such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin-Yang, Tantra, chakras and meditation.
Instead of just focusing on getting stronger and more flexible, I would like to invite you to feel that you are already perfect as you are. From this point of self-acceptance and compassion, we can feel more free to explore our possibilities and whatever comes up in the moment.”

As well as teaching yoga, Maija will also be offering relaxing Ayurvedic massages during her weeks at Sunflower Retreats.

Lisa Quish, yoga teacher

“Bring a little yoga into everything you do and life just becomes a little simpler.”

Lisa Quish, from Ireland, joins us again to teach from September 29th to October 12th.

Lisa says:
“My mom taught Yoga in the seventies; there was always a sticky mat on the kitchen floor, in front of the fire place or in the back seat of the car so it is not surprising that the legacy was passed on, (like a family recipe that gets handed down over time). It was not until my early twenties that I started practicing regularly and not until I went on retreat to Italy (for the first time) eight years ago that I was inspired to follow the teaching path.”

Lisa gained certification in 2007 and completed a 500-hour Yoga Therapy post-graduate qualification in 2012, under the guidance of wonderful teachers like James Higgins, David Curtis, Shandor Remete, Shiva Rea and Jodie Ruffety. As well as classical Hatha she brings elements of Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Shadow and restorative yoga.

“As a committed yoga practitioner and teacher my style is ever-evolving in an attempt to recognise and honour the multiple layers of yoga. As I explore, I play with ways to mindfully sequence the practice to best help my students to navigate their way through the peaks and troughs of life, physically and emotionally, offering tools to live in a way that best supports our human experience.”

Daniele Piserchia, yoga teacher

“I take each experience or encounter as a gift, a chance that is given to me so that I can grow and bring more light to this body, to this soul, to the world. Teaching is part of my service.”

Daniele Piserchia, from Italy, returns to teach from 13th to 26th October.

Daniele has been a daily practitioner and teacher of Daoist yoga know as Sundao for four years. His background includes intensive training at the prestigious mountain Buddhist monastery called Magoksa in Gong Ju, South Korea.

Daniele has also studied many holistic spiritual methodologies and various approaches to meditation and channelling and brings his own unique wealth of knowledge and experience to his classes and lectures.

Daniele’s in depth understanding of Daoist Yoga along with his creative talent and personable charm makes his classes a very healing and rejuvenating experience.

Daniele has a passion for the Yoga science and has regularly attended yoga and meditation classes at Sunflower Retreats in Casperia as he also has also worked, in the past, as General PR and Retreat Manager at the centre.

Daniele is an articulate and knowledgeable teacher whose authenticity makes him accessible to students.

Lucy Bremner, yoga teacher

Lucy Bremner, co-founder of Sunflower Retreats, from London, has been a holistic practitioner in the UK and worldwide since 1988. She specialises in a wide range of body work, therapies and energy and spiritual balancing treatments such as Chakra Balancing and Reiki.

Lucy was drawn to the practice of Hatha Yoga and the yoga philosophy while studying holistic therapies professionally in London in 1989. In the late 80's and early 90's, then in her twenties, she travelled independently in Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Sudan and the USA, where she broadened her studies of yoga, Eastern philosophy and the healing arts, including the American Indian tradition and philosophy.

Lucy Bremner practises hatha yoga

Lucy is a qualified Holistic Therapist and international yoga teacher, accredited with a distinction in her final examinations with Friends of Yoga - a society and examination body for yoga in the UK and India which is recognised by Yoga Alliance as an international yoga school. Over the last twenty years she helped hundreds of people with healing therapies and with yoga instruction, either through her yoga classes and treatments, or through all she has coordinated in the yoga and healing section at Sunflower Retreats' centre in Casperia. Her interests also include Shamanism, Astrology, art and the study of the sacred and divine feminine.

Lucy offers one-to-one healing yoga sessions for those looking for a transformational healing experience of yoga. Her yoga classes also include oracle card readings to help you find your life path and help with any questions you may have. Private classes are available most weeks within the season. To book in advance of your retreat, please email: mail@sunflowerretreats.com

Lucy's yoga classes are holistic and grounding, fusing the elements of Ying and Yang, yoga asanas and practices to bring balance (union) to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She loves to share and communicate the ancient knowledge of Western and Eastern traditions through the healing power of yoga and meditation, both in her classes and her treatments. She is a gentle teacher, encouraging and supportive in her teaching and holistic therapy work.

A mother of two children born by natural childbirth methods, she also teaches pregnancy yoga and preparation for natural birth.

You can read more about Lucy and her philosophy on her web site www.healingthedivinefeminine.com »

Lucy will lead yoga sessions at Sunflower Retreats on weeks when there are no guest teachers, however she and her husband Alan may not always be at the Retreat Centre during your week. (Don't worry, our staff are fabulous too!). Lucy also teaches the 2 year part-time Yoga Teacher Training courses at Sunflower Retreats.

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